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Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!!!

I always used to look forward to February because it was the month for Girl Scout Cookies. 

It is always fun to see the scouts out trying to sell the cookies and learning a little while they do.

It reminds me of when I was a Girl Scout. I sold more Girl Scout cookies than most other girls in the troop and I am a boy. 

I earned most of the badges that Girl Scouts can earn but I was never awarded a single one of them.

My mother was a troop leader and my sister was always involved in scouts. I was a Boy Scout as well. 

When my mother had troop meetings I went. In the summer time when the girls went to Girl Scout Day Camp, I went too. 

When they did projects for merit badges, I did them too. When they picked up trash on the side of the road for community service, I did too.

I remember one year during the Girl Scout Cookie Drive when a large truck backed into our driveway and unloaded cookies into the garage. There were stacks and stacks of cookies, 

Many of these cookies were pre-sold so we had to deliver them. Some of them were ordered to sell to people who had not pre-ordered their cookies.

I had to accompany my sister while she sold the cookies. I soon figured out that it would go much faster if my sister went to one house and I went to another. 

It as always funny to go to the house of someone we did not know. The woman of the house would answer the door and I would ask if she wanted to buy some Girl Scout Cookies. She would give me a strange look and then go get some money. 

Sometimes she would ask sometimes she wouldn't.  It really got funny when the man of the house answered the door. The man would usually give me a strange look and then just hand me some money. 

I would ask what kind he wanted and usually he would say "Any kind." We sold a lot of cookies. The men never asked why I was selling Girl Scout Cookies.

The girls got to sell cookies and we Boy Scouts would sell light bulbs. It was a lot of fun.

Remember, it is Girl Scout Cookie Month. Don't miss your chance to buy some cookies.

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