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Friday, February 17, 2012

Big "Nake Daddy

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One day my Grandpa, Leon W. Roberts, has loaded some trash and other items in his truck and is taking them to dump them. His son, Glenn W. Roberts is standing on the truck seat riding with him. Glenn is looking out the back and say’s “Big ‘nake Daddy, Big ‘nake.” My grandfather says, “Yes big ;nake, big ‘nake.” 

Glenn gets a little more excited. Big ‘nake Daddy Big ‘nake. “ Grandpa humors him and agrees “Yeah, big ‘nake.” Finally Glenn has gotten very excited so Grandpa turns around there, in fact is a huge snake. 

I don’t recall what type it was but it was evidently poisonous. My grandfather had been riding down the road with this snake staring at him and Glenn through the window. “Big ‘nake Daddy!”

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