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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eat your vegetables

Going Vegan
My wife, Suzanne, and I have decided to live a healthier lifestyle. Back when I was fourteen I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes. Back then it was called juvenile diabetes and it was believed that diabetes was hereditary. We were told that our children had a one in four chance of being diagnosed with diabetes. We have four children who lived past infancy. We had several that did not make it through infancy. Of the four children who have made it past their middle teens, none of them have been diagnosed with diabetes, so far, so good.

I am dealing with all the complications associated with diabetes. Over the past year or two, Suzanne has been conducting research into different diet plans. We bought a book about curing diabetes with a raw food diet. What we have learned has been amazing and what we have experienced has been even more amazing.

We have found from our own experience that when I can go several days without eating any animal products my numbers begin to improve. I track my blood pressure and pulse in both arms. I also track my blood glucose level and temperature throughout the day and chart them in Excel. When I can stick to the diet the numbers are very encouraging.

By utilizing a combination of a meatless diet leaning towards raw foods, exercise, and use of a few nutraceuticals, we have found a way to reverse some of the effects of my diabetes. The results have been amazing. At least they are amazing when I stick to this. We are trying to lean more on nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds and get away from processed sugars.
We haven’t gone all wonky and joined some fad religion, but we have found that a vegan diet, at least for us, makes sense. It will be hard to be completely vegan. I loves bacon. Dukes Mayonnaise has eggs in it so that isn’t vegan. Still, by making an effort to reduce animal product intake my health is improving.

Suzanne and I watched a show called Vegucated http://www.getvegucated.com/. We were able to see it for free using our Amazon Prime account. It is a free instant video if you are a prime member. This show was an eye-opener for me. I hope it will be for you, too.

I will try to update this blog with our progress as time goes by. Hopefully soon I will be able to tell the world my feet have healed and those other problems have gone away as well.

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