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Thursday, April 26, 2012

McClendon Studios Presents: Wavin' Man

McClendon Studios Presents:

Waving Man

Quite some years ago a column appeared in the Anderson Independent-Mail.  The
story was written by Steve Biondo who would later become a friend of ours through church at Boulevard Baptist. His son and our son both attended the Child Enrichment Center.

There was a man who sat on the side of the road in a wheelchair in the parking lot of the old B H store. The man would wave at all the passing cars. Steve’s column spoke of some great mystery surrounding “The Waving Man’ as Steve called him. He ended the column asking the Waving Man to get in touch with him so that they could exchange philosophies of life. I was not impressed because I knew the real story.

I was working with the Iva Rescue Squad (Anderson County Squad 6) and was in training to become an E. M. T. when we were called to what was broadcast as a train wreck. 

When we arrived at the scene, which was in front of the old Anchor Homes manufacturing facility, we soon discovered the truth. It wasn’t a train wreck. What had happened was a man had gotten drunk and then tried to hop a ride on the train that traveled between Calhoun Falls and Anderson. Most of what this train hauled was pulp wood.

Since the man was drunk, he missed his footing and was thrown under the train. The train cut both his legs off, but the weight of the train sealed off the blood flow. There was a lot of blood loss but he was no longer bleeding.

My job was to place the severed legs into a sterile blanket and carry these into the ambulance and then into the hospital. We got our patient bundled up and loaded in the ambulance and off we went. We arrived at the hospital and I carried the victim’s legs inside.

Later, when I arrived back at my house, my mother informed me that I missed dinner but that she would heat it up for me. I poured me a glass of iced tea. The microwave beeped and my mother served me two large barbeque chicken leg quarters- with extra barbecue sauce. How tasty. I decided then if I could eat those chicken legs, I could do anything.

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