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Monday, May 21, 2012

McClendon Studios Presents: Look, Mommy, Scissors!

McClendon Studios Presents:Look, Mommy, Scissors!

Suzanne and I, along with our oldest boy Jared, were in the process of moving into our very first apartment.  This was apartment 17-C Country Club Lane in Anderson, South Carolina.  Jared was almost 2 years old.

We had everything scattered about everywhere because of the nature of having to move everything a lot faster than we had intended to.

Somewhere in all this chaos, Jared managed to find a pair of scissors.  He walked towards Suzanne and me opening and closing the scissors.

 Both of us tried to remain calm and keep him from hurting himself with them.  Well, he somehow managed to snip the corner of his eye and it was bleeding profusely.  Suzanne handed me a washcloth and my keys and I ran out the door.  I put Jared in his car seat and jumped in the van and took off.

 I turned on the emergency flashers. I was driving as fast as I could,
 Anderson City Police Department
but still stopping at all the red lights.  A city police car pulled up beside me with his blue lights on and he rolled down his window.

 I rolled down the van window and he asked me, “What’s wrong?”  I replied, “My baby cut his eye with some scissors.”  The officer told me to follow him.  He gave me a police escort to the emergency room and I pulled up to the emergency room door.

I exited the van and got Jared.  I threw my keys to the security guard and told him the paper work was in the van and the cop could arrest me inside as soon as Suzanne got there.

I entered the emergency room and, even though it was typical to wait a long time for triage for some reason, I was taken back to a room immediately upon walking in the door.

As we entered the treatment room, I put Jared on the bed and it was then I noticed that I had left the house wearing nothing but a pair of gym shorts that did not cover all I would have preferred they covered.  My chest hair was matted with Jared’s blood and I looked like a gunshot victim.

The guard brought the keys to the van and said, “The cop just said for you to go home when you get done.  Don’t worry about a ticket.”

Shortly, Suzanne arrived with my pants.  We waited a very short time and Dr. Gregory Baird arrived and checked Jared out.  He determined that Jared’s eye was okay and that there should be no permanent damage. We were very thankful.

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