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Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Well, we come to the end of another week. It has been interesting so far. Actually, I have two blogs that post the same, or almost the same, posts each day. Redneck MBA posts at 7 AM Central Time every weekday. Business Briefs posts at 11 am every weekday. That is, at least, the goal. I know I miss whole weeks from time to time, but the idea is to try to be as consistent as possible with the postings.

I have been surprised with the stats. So far, Redneck has had visitors from the United States, Russia, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, the Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus, and Brazil.

Business Briefs has had visitors from The United States, Russia, Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom, South Africa, France, India, Latvia, and Bangladesh.

The goal of these two blogs is to break business concepts down into simple terms and make the world of business more accessible to all.
I have a BBA from Anderson University in Anderson, South Carolina. That is a Bachelors of Business Administration. My concentrations there were Accounting, Financial Management, and Service Quality.

I have an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology.  My concentration there was Accounting and Financial Management. I am working on a second MBA through the Florida Institute of Technology with a concentration in Management.
It is my belief that letters and degrees mean very little. The knowledge one possesses is what is important. It is my goal to give readers of these two blogs enough information so that if they read some of the suggested readings in my book reviews they will possess the equivalent of an MBA.

My other blogs are Gathered in Prayer, Random Thoughts and Observations, and The Way Things Ought to Be.  I try to post to Gathered in Prayer and Random Thoughts and Observations every weekday by 7 am Eastern Time. For the Way Things Ought to Be, I post when something is on my mind and I can get to it.

Gathered in Prayer is designed to be a place where people can ask for prayer and get some inspiration. Presently, I am trying to post a chapter or piece of a chapter of the Bible as often as possible with the idea of over time reading the entire Bible through. I hope to make some comments that may help the reader’s understanding of that passage, at least as I see it.
So far, Gathered in Prayer has had visitors from The United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, Canada, Latvia, Ukraine, Brazil, Australia, and Bulgaria. This to me is amazing.

Random Thoughts and Observations is a light-hearted blog where I share stories from my past along with jokes and other items of interest. I attempt to post to this blog every weekday at 7 AM, but there are times I have missed.
Random Thoughts and Observations has had visitors from The United States, Russia, Germany, Latvia, The United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, India, South Korea and France.
The Way Things Ought to Be is a web site where I post items like political views. I comment about things that really tick me off or that are concerns straight from the heart.
The Way Things Ought to Be has had visitors from The United States, Russia, Latvia, The United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Canada, Philippines, Ukraine and Brazil.

We have a web site at www.mcclendonenterprises.com. At this point in time I am trying to work out some technical difficulties with the site, but it should be coming back on line soon. Keep an eye out for it.

I would like to hear from our visitors. Please e-mail me at pappalion@sbcglobal.net and let me know where you are visiting from, how you heard about the blog, what blog you are visiting, and what interests you about that blog. I look forward to hearing from you.

David E. McClendon

The opinions or advice listed in this blog or website should be used as a place to start only. It is not a substitute for the use of a professional.
Please be sure to consult your attorney and/or accountant with any specific questions.
There is no one right answer to any business question that will cover all circumstances.
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