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Saturday, May 4, 2013

One Proud Gindy

One Proud Gindy

Tonight I went to see a play called Grandpa’s Bedtime Stories.  It was a great play.  The cast and crew seemed to have a great deal of fun.

This play is about a grandpa telling his four-year-old granddaughter a fairy tale.  Grandpa seems to get his stories a bit mixed up.  The entire play was great.  It started with my youngest daughter, Maggie, playing Little Miss Moffit.

Little Miss Moffit sat on her box eating her curds and whey.  Actually, she turned up her nose at the curds and whey.  Along came a spider played by my favorite of the cast other than my two daughters, David.
I always enjoy watching David act because he really seems to get into the part he is playing.  During their Christmas performance of a radio play version of It’s A Wonderful Life, David played the sound effects guy and was very funny at it.

Back to our play.  Little Miss Moffit was not frightened by the spider at all.  She smacked him on the back of the head and he ate the curds and whey, which made him sick to his stomach. 
Maggie was supposed to take charge of the whole spider situation and she did very well with it.  I am surprised she did not stomp the spider in the end. 

Grandpa later messed up the whole tortoise and hare story so that a tortoise races a fox and the tortoise always wins by running much faster than the fox. 

The tortoise and fox ask the audience who is telling the story and, of course, all the kids in the audience yell “Grandpa”.  The tortoise and the fox go to have a talk with grandpa and tell him he has it all wrong.
Grandpa starts to tell another story.  This time about a king who is celebrating the birth of his daughter, the princess.

While he is celebrating, a wicked witch played by my oldest daughter Whitney, appears and takes the baby princess prisoner.  The wicked witch tells the king he can have his daughter back if he pays her a million tons of gold.

Since, according to the story, there is not a million tons of gold in the world, the king cannot pay the ransom for his daughter and the wicked witch takes the princess back to her castle.

Later, a giant played by my youngest daughter Maggie appears.  It seems the giant actually resembles a hobbit in size, but he is a giant none the less.

There is a period of time that both my daughters, Maggie and Whitney, appear on stage together.  The witch offers to make the giant a real giant if he will just stay and help protect her castle and all its contents.  The contents include the now much older princess.

There is a point in time where the witch casts a spell on Red Riding Hood and freezes her.  The poor child behind us kept repeating that “Red Riding Hood is dead.”  The poor child kept this up until the wolf carried Red Riding Hood off stage.

Soon Prince George, played by Maggie’s friend Issac, along with Dachshund, played by David, appears on the scene.  The giant and the dragon, played by Maggie’s friend Roy, fight it out with Prince George and Dachshund  using swords on stage.

The audience is going wild and really is whipped into a frenzy when the actors take their fight to the aisles of the theater.  The little children in the audience are going wild. 

In the end, Grandpa and all the “good guys’ gang up on the witch, the giant, the dragon and win out.  During part of this confrontation, the dragon finds himself locked accidently in the dungeon.

Maggie and Whitney both seemed to truly enjoy themselves while playing their parts.  It seemed that the whole cast and crew had a great time with this play.  The audience really enjoyed it.

One of the nicest things about the whole evening is that the theatre department reserved the two seats closest to the door for my wife and me.  This was particularly important because due to health issues I am not supposed to walk.  Thank you Greg, Sam, and the whole theatre department. We really enjoyed the play.

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