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Sunday, May 17, 2015


The picture at the left of this text is my little baby, Xerxes.  Xerxes is a wild kitty most of the time.  He is almost one year old now and most of the time he is like a Tasmanian Devil.   The only time he calms down is when we read the Bible and say the prayer.  Today, his big sister Laynie read him the Bible and said a prayer with him.  Sometimes his other big sister Maggie reads the Bible to him and prays.

His sisters have to do this for me because I am in Kindred Hospital in Sugar Land, Texas, and have been since 05 May 2015.  I started out at Oakbend Hospital- Williams Way in Richmond, Texas.

I have been in and out of hospitals and a nursing home over the past several years.  No one likes being in the hospital, especially me.  However, if one must be in the hospital, Kindred Hospital in Sugar Land, Texas, is among the best.

We have no idea how long I will be in the hospital.  It could be just a few more days or it might be a total of two months.   Please pray for my family, especially my child bride Suzanne, who is having to shoulder all the work load.  Please also pray for Xerxes who is missing his daddy.

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