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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Can we please get Grandma a chair?

Walmart Please give Grandma a Chair

I was just at my local Walmart.  For all the bad you can think of Walmart, the one, and possibly only, good thing I see in Walmart is they employ elderly people to be their door greeters.  Many of these people are in their 70s or even older.  They have to work because Social Security will not pay the bills.

This is great, except that Walmart will not give them a chair to sit in.  These elderly people, who are THE THING that sets Walmart out above most other retailers, are a great part of the shopping experience at Walmart. Yet, they have to stand for hours and are only allowed to go to the restroom when they get a break.

Meanwhile, the 20-something assistant managers who don’t even know how to do their own jobs are very rude and disrespectful to these elderly people.  These young twerps have the nerve to tell the elderly people that they better not sit down and they better not go to the restroom.  Many of these same assistant managers can be seen taking countless restroom breaks of their own.

@Walmart, get these people a chair.  Give them a bottle of ice water.  It is 90 to 100+ degrees outside in Texas in September and you have them wearing a vest, at the door where all the heat from outside comes in.  You have them stand FOR HOURS at a time.  

You do not allow them to have a drink with them.  I want to see every manager of every Walmart that does not allow their door greeters to sit and have something to drink with them to stand a shift at the door under the same circumstances.  And, if the CEO of the blasted place is worth his pay, he will be standing alongside of the manager for at least one shift every week.  You cannot leave the door except for a 15 minute break, just like the door greeters do.

Walmart, thank you for employing these people, but think about how you are treating them.  

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  1. Katy worked for Walmart and wound up walking out on them in the middle of her shift. It is a long story but lets just say that one supervisor told her she could grade papers while she was sitting by the place where you try on clothes as long as her job was done. That supervisor went on vacation and the supervisor that took her position tried to write Katy up for grading papers. From what I have heard Walmart treats all of their employees like crap unless you are in management then all bets are off.

    1. Every Walmart employee I have spoken with says the same thing. Many of the older people will add the words "It wasn't like this with Mr. Sam." Walmart is a 500 pound gorilla that rules the world. Please be sure to sign the petition.

  2. A very good point! Why couldn't they have some type of little podium type chair where they could sit if they needed, keep some beverage handy. They could still smile and welcome you from there. They could get down when needed and do whatever. I'm not elderly yet, but I don't want to stand for a full shift anywhere!
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

    1. I have spoken face to face with the manager and he nods his head in agreement and then did nothing. Please be sure to sign our petition.


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