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Friday, March 18, 2016

Master Control Part II

Master Control Part II

As I told you in my previous post, I wrote to Suzanne.  I sent what some would see as a “Hail Mary” letter because I mailed the letter to just a route number with no idea where Suzanne lived.  So, what happened?

What seemed like an eternity later, I received a reply to my letter.  Suzanne had actually gotten the letter.

In her reply, she said her mother said she could write me as long as I did not have a prison record.  Being a goofball, which had previously gotten me in hot water, I answered.  “I don’t have a prison record: I do, however, have a Police Album.  You can borrow it if you like.” The Police were a very popular group in the genre of what was then known as Pop Music. Suzanne’s mother was not amused.

When Suzanne wrote, she would sign her letters “Your Friend, Phantom Tiger”
She explained that the Phantom was her favorite comic strip and that she was a Crescent Tiger fan. 

We wrote several letters back and forth.  I began signing my letters, “Love, David.”  A few letters later, Suzanne began to write “With a friend’s love, Phantom Tiger”.

One Sunday I rode back to Anderson and went to church with my friend Roger Madden.  Roger and his family were members of McDuffie Street Church of God.  We sat with Granny Madden.  

As we were leaving, I looked for Suzanne. I had looked for her when we came in but did not see her.  She had told me that she went to McDuffie Street Church of God. I finally saw her just as she was walking out the back door and I moved quickly to catch up with her.

We talked for a while.  I walked her to the church bus.  I offered to take her home, but she wisely refused.  While we talked, Roger went to get Bird-2 (my car and sometimes rescue unit) from the parking lot.  After the bus pulled away from the curb, I got in Bird-2.  Some of the kids on the bus wrongly identified Bird-2 as a Dodge O-2-4. It was a Mercury Capri.

Roger and I left and we discussed Suzanne.  I had decided to visit her soon.  I wrote her a letter letting her know I would be coming to her house very soon. Find out what becomes of that in my next post.

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