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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our Wedding 3 November 1984

Wedding Bells 1984

You have read how Suzanne and I finally got together to start dating and how Papa proposed.  Now read about our wedding day.

We were married 3 November 1984, at 4:00 PM, at Boulevard Baptist Church. Suzanne and I had planned on a day in September (13th) and to have it at Flat Rock Baptist Church. 

The reason the date changed is, basically, Suzanne and I got very little say in our wedding. My mother suggested that we talk to Mrs. Sharpe in Columbia about the wedding because she was a wedding professional.

Mrs. Sharpe suggested that it be on a day when neither Clemson nor Carolina had home football games.  As it turned out, we did schedule around the home football games. It did not matter; some of the guests were listening to the game on the radio while waiting for the wedding to start.
The wedding was nice, but Suzanne did not get to pick the color she wanted for the bridesmaids' dresses. She did not get to choose anything really. The only thing I got to choose was the tuxes. We had the Ronald Reagan Day Coat.

The day before the wedding, Suzanne fell down the back steps at the house and hurt herself pretty badly. She was sore the day (and night) of the wedding.

We had the rehearsal dinner at the Best Western University Inn. On the way home from the rehearsal, I was driving the 1965 Ford Galaxy.  My father was riding shotgun. A car pulled up beside us and was horsing the engine, challenging us to a race.

I thought my father would be upset if I raced.  My father said “Let him get a little bit ahead of you, then smoke him.”  I was surprised, but since I was very experienced at racing on the open highway, this was no problem.  I smoked him.

The night of the wedding, we drove to the Ramada Inn in Spartanburg.  It was right by my old house in the Rescue 16 /Metro area.

We stayed in the Jacuzzi Suite. That night we had shrimp cocktails and Champaign.  Suzanne was still pretty sore, so we had a relaxed evening.

The next day, we drove around Spartanburg and went to Capris Italian restaurant for supper.

The following day we drove to Memphis, Tennessee. We checked in at the Holiday Inn where I had prepaid for the bridal suite complete with Champaign breakfast for two days.

We toured Graceland, Elvis’ jet, and went to the Memphis Airport and ate Mississippi Mud Pie.

When we checked out after the second day, the hotel tried to charge me for the second Champaign breakfast.  I told them, no, that was part of the package.

A steel company was checking in for a meeting and the guy in charge for the steel company told the manager that they would not check in until the hotel resolved the matter with me. The hotel wrote off the breakfast.
We drove to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge and stayed for a couple of days. Then, we rode to Asheville and stayed at a Holiday Inn there. 

The next day, we toured the Biltmore Estate and ate at the Deer Park Restaurant on the estate.  The problem with expensive food is that it is never any good and you don’t get very much of it.  The food was okay, but the dressing had oranges in it and there was very little to eat.  When we left the estate, we went to McDonalds.
We stayed one more night in Asheville and then drove back to Iva.  We went to our new house and crashed.  We spent two weeks on our honeymoon.  It was a blast.

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