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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Tears to You

Tears To You

The other day I posted about my hospital stay at Oakbend Medical Center and my recent multiple  strokes.  I noticed in the video that it looks like I lost weight.  I had Suzanne weigh me and found I had lost about ten pounds.  This is good.

You might wonder about the title to this post, Tears to You.  It seems that part of a stroke affects people with bouts of extreme tears for no reason.  This is called Pseudobulbar Affect. It appears that extreme rage and inappropriate laughter are a part of this Pseudobulbar Affect as well. 

So far, we have only seen the tears.  I bawl like a baby while watching Hotel Transylvania 2.   They say this will pass.  I would like to apologize to my family in advance for any rage I may show.  Remember please, it is the stroke doing this.  I am not really angry with you.

We have found there appears to be cholesterol and sodium hiding in just about everything we use.  We cannot hide from all of this, but we can limit this.

We have also learned that a good written budget plan is a must for anyone.  This is more important after a life event like a stroke because those who must follow along and try to figure out what money is available, what has been paid, and what has yet to be paid need this information. 

Often times one person in a family handles the budget.  This may mean that one person knows which accounts are where.  Even though the person does not attempt to keep it all a secret, it is still not something the rest of the family keeps up with..

Like I said previously, things around here have had to change.   We no longer are doing the mobile notary.  We have curtailed selling Avon locally, but you can still buy it thought our online store.

Please help our family by downloading, reading, and commenting on our books. We are going to be offering them free for Jared’s 30th birthday and David’s 54th birthday. This will be June 5 and 6, 2016 .  As an extra special promotion all three books will again be available on Maggie’s birthday, 26 June. Good going, Maggie.

We are asking  you to share our blogs, books, and videos with your circle of influence.   Please keep our family in your prayers.

Pop over and see Suzanne at PSAnnie.  She will share more of our details with  you.

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