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Thursday, July 7, 2016


As I stated in a recent comment, I am not much for abstract or creative thinking. However, I come from a long line of story tellers.  The following story is one I made up for our youngest son.  His name is Davey and he is now a corporal in the United States Marine Corps. 

Shep was my oldest daughter's dog.  She has since moved to Rainbow Bridge.  Comrade was Davey's squirrel who lived in a tree in our backyard. 

Word Count: 512
David E. McClendon, Sr.
© 18 October 2005


Comrade was a little gray squirrel with a big fluffy tail.  He was really proud of his name because his mommy told him it meant “friend.”

Comrade lived in a big oak tree on Circle Drive. In his backyard was a doghouse for his friend Shep.

Shep was a black dog who loved to play with Comrade. She even let Comrade keep some of his acorns hidden under her doghouse.

One day Comrade decided to go on an adventure.  He decided to go over to the yard next door and gather pecans. There wasn’t a pecan tree in his yard so if he wanted pecans he had to go next door to get them.

He could taste the pecan pie his mommy would make out of the pecans. The problem was there was a big yellow cat that lived next door.  The cat did not want anyone coming into his yard and he had told Comrade before that if he caught him in his yard he would make him into a stew.

Comrade looked down from his tree and did not see the cat anywhere so he started out towards the pecan tree.

He carried a little blue bucket with him to put the pecans in as he collected them.   He scampered quickly along the ground and made it safely to the grass up under the pecan tree.

He began putting the pecans in his bucket and from time to time looked around to see if the cat was anywhere nearby.  He had his bucket almost full when he heard something.

It was very quiet but he was sure he heard something. He was putting the last pecan in the bucket when all of a sudden he saw the shadow of the cat moving quickly behind him.

He grabbed his bucket and started to run.  He was almost to his yard when the all of a sudden a net plopped down on top of him. He fought and he fought but he couldn’t get free.

The cat was laughing at him and teasing him.  The cat said. “You will make a tasty stew Comrade.” 

Comrade was starting to cry when he noticed the net was being lifted off of him.  He turned around and to his surprise there was Shep. She had lifted the net off of him and was there to save him.  She told him to run for her doghouse.

As Comrade started to run, the cat noticed that he had escaped and so he began to chase Comrade.

Just as the cat was about to catch Comrade, Shep dropped the net over the cat and Comrade darted to safety.

Comrade took the pecans to his mommy and there was enough to make five pecan pies. That night Comrade took a piece of pie to Shep to say thank you.

Shep and Comrade both enjoyed a piece of pie as they watched the moon come up. “”Thank you for helping me out”, said Comrade. “That’s what friends are for,” Shep said and they both fell asleep.

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  1. I wish the squirrels that live by the park I like to go to were nice gray squirrels! I even wish they were ambitious enough to collect their own nuts. Unfortunately, they rely on handouts, and during the summer, when it's hot and people don't go to the park, they get very hungry and very nasty.

    1. The park ought to make sure these squirrels get fed. Any animal that is hungry enough or hurt, will attack. That is all they know to do.


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