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Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday 56. 22 July 2016

Friday 56. 22 July 2016

This has been an interesting meme thus far.  It appears that the majority of the
 Friday 56
people on this meme enjoy a good fiction book.  I, on the other hand, almost never read fiction.  From time to time I enjoy a good fiction book, like something by Zane Gray or John Grisham. 

The Friday 56 challenge asks bloggers to flip to page 56 of whatever book they are reading and to write whatever jumps off the page. If, like me, you are reading it on an e-reader, you go to 56% and write whatever jumps out at you.  You can get tons of Kindle books free from Amazon and they will even give you a free Kindle Reader.  So, you can read all you want free.

If you like, this August 18, in honor of my child-bride Suzanne, you can download our three books free from Amazon.  Just follow the links in the sidebar of our blogs on that day and you will be able to get them free.

Every page you read of one of our books is like a vote for us.  You see, Amazon has this promotion for their Kindle Direct Publishing authors like us.  Every quarter they set aside a fund.  The top 100 authors in the USA (based on normalized pages read) split this fund.  If we make it into the top 100, we get part of that money.

Throughout the years, I have been sort of an amateur researcher of learning theory.  For this week, I am snoozing through Successfully Producing Tutorials and Online Courses: How to create web tutorials and online courses on Udemy and other course platforms by Marcus Peter.

I say snoozing because it is one of those books you have to reread some paragraphs because there is so much detail that it is hard to take in.

The opening line in the book is as follows:
Pedagogy is a scientific discipline which deals with both the theory and the practice of education and socialization. It deals with the cause and effect of educational processes, in different contexts.

If we flip on over to 56% we read:
conditions for good learning: quiet learning environment, a discreet noise level (e.g. quite music) can, however, be helpful behavior: needs the possibility to communicate verbally, often memorizes mechanically retrieving information: language images and melodies, stories, conversational context strengths: good enunciation, sociable weaknesses: sudden noises can distract, can show confusion when the order of learned content is changed

During my years studying learning theory, I have found that most research seems to support the concept that baroque music is the most conducive music to studying.  Most people will retain more of what they have read if baroque music is playing softly nearby. 
If one is able to smell an aroma that is pleasant to them while they are reading, they are more likely to retain what they have read or heard than if that aroma is not present.

This won’t work if the aroma invokes strong feelings or memories.  In other words, if you are already hungry and you smell the very pleasant aroma of freshly baking bread, you are not likely to retain anything you read or heard because your mind will not focus on the learning task at hand.

Have a great week and we’ll see you next time.

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  1. I am not a big fan of fiction either. I prefer memoirs, biographies, self-help and any true stories about cats. That is interesting about the sounds and smells helping one to retain more.

    1. It has been very interesting. We were actually able to overcome some of my son's ADHD problems by using some of these techniques we learned.


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