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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August Happiness Challenge 02 August 2016

August Happiness Challenge
02 August 2016

Welcome back. This is my August Happiness Challenge post.  Today is day two of the challenge and we are just getting started.

In the movie Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood corners a bad guy and puts a 44 magnum pistol to the bad guys head and says, “I know what you are thinking. Did he shoot six shots, or only five?  To tell you the truth I lost count myself.” 

Well, to tell all of you, I don’t know yet myself how this challenge will work out.  But, I will give it a good shot.

So, what makes me happy?  Waking up beside my beautiful child-bride Suzanne makes me happy.  She fills my world with happiness.  I am so glad she is here with me.

In all reality, I would not even be here to make this post if it were not for Suzanne and her Rottweiler tenaciousness. Way back in November of 2012, I was sick as a dog.  I called the doctor’s office and they told me they could not see me until Thursday. It was Monday that I was calling.

I got the appointment and laid down and stayed asleep until Thursday.  Then, when we arrived at the doctor’s office, they said they meant the following Thursday and I would have to wait a week.  I was too sick to argue. Suzanne stood firm in front of the desk and said, “You will see him today.” They did and I was sent to the hospital, where my new infection doctor told me I was in sepsis.  I would need to have my toe amputated. I was seriously close to the sepsis reaching my heart and other vital organs.

Back in May of this year, I had the first of three strokes.  Suzanne and my oldest daughter helped get me the help I needed.

I am truly blessed.

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  1. My father had a stroke. One. He never regained consciousness and never came home from the hospital. He was 58, the age I am today. So my family history makes your post all the more powerful.

    I love the gratitude in your posts. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Sorry to hear of your loss. My father died when he was 52. His dad died at 42. I am holding out for 132.


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