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Sunday, August 7, 2016

August Happiness Challenge 07 August 2016 Happy Birthday, Nana!

August Happiness Challenge
07 August 2016
Happy Birthday, Nana!

Welcome back to the August Happiness challenge.  Today is my mom’s 22nd birthday.  I know it is her 22nd because last year she had her 21st birthday.

One thing that makes me happy in August is that two of the most special females in my life were born in August.  Today you hear about my mother’s birthday, but on August 18 you will hear about my child-bride Suzanne and her birthday.

I don’t get to visit with my mother much.  She only lives about thirty miles away but, still, we don’t see each other very often.  We talk on the phone from time to time.  If she could get her whole email thing figured out, we could email as well.

Nana, my mother, did come see me when I was in the hospital back in May with my 3 strokes.

Mom and Me

Happy Birthday, Nana.  I hope it is a great one.

Mom and Paw Pete

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mother. That was a funny story, your Mom sounds a lot like mine with the yelling at you while driving. I think I will call my Mom Miss Crazy the next time she does that, although she usually insists on driving.

    1. Usually my mom does the driving. We spoke yesterday. Thank you for commenting.

  2. I often think of how my mother would have loved unlimited calling and texting photos. Email probably would have been confusing. My dad refused to learn to use - computer. I am glad my kids insisted! 😊

    1. My mom does text and email, but she is not comfortable with it. There is a funny post on this blog called Pops be texting. Thanks for commenting.


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