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Friday, September 9, 2016

Friendly Fill Ins 09/09/2016

Friendly Fill-Ins

This is a fun meme co-hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


This is a fun meme.  Just fill in the blanks as best you can. We all get to know each other a little better each week and we make a lot of online friends this way.  You really do not have to own a cat to play along.  And, if you really feel like you need a cat to play, we can provide one for you.  There is always one wandering up outside that would love a good home.  They seem to come and go all the time.

And so, without further eloquence, here are my fill-ins for this week.

I can’t wait for the new season of Nothing on television.

We don’t really watch much on television here.  From time-to-time, we will watch something on Netflix. 

We watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic when one of our kids sends us the link to the new episode.  But, we watch it more to have something in common with them than because we are dying to see the new episode.  It is a cute show and seems to be safe for all audiences.

In my home, everything needs to be repaired.

I am serious.  In a home there is always something breaking.  A lightbulb needs to be replaced.  Then, the sink is dripping. We fix that and then the toilet leaks.  We fix that and it is something else.  It is just a part of life. At least it gives us something to do and I get to use tools.  Has anyone seen the 750 HP leafblower?  I think I want to sweep the kitchen.

I thought I lost my mind, but I never really had it in the first place. For me, that one was obvious.  I have never been accused of being all there. 

Once, I found a $20 bill just lying on the ground. I was walking across campus at the University of South Carolina Spartanburg when there it was.  I was not going to ask around to see who might have lost it.  I figured if I did, everyone would have.  I put it in my pocket and waited to see if anyone was frantically looking for money.  After a few days of not hearing anything, I spent it.

Well everyone, that is my Friendly Fill-Ins for this week. Remember, you can still join the September 19-Somethin’ Challenge.  You can find all the questions at McClendon Villa. McClendon Villa is sort of like our on-line house.  Drop in any time and say hi to my child-bride Suzanne.  There you will find links to all sorts of things we are into.

Hope you have a great week.  We hope to kick off the How to Manage Your Monkey course October 3.  The blog is active now if you want to stop by and see the construction.  Just be careful not to step in any sheetrock mud; it might mess up your shoes.  The carpet isn’t installed yet, so you won’t have to worry about trackin’ anything in.

Catch you on the flip.

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  1. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. Same here with the repairs, if it isn't one thing, it is another. That Little Pony show sounds cute. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you. It is a cute show. I sometimes feel we would be better off living in a tent. Then again, we would probably still always have repairs.

  2. I am not a big TV watcher either. I love the quiet of the house when I'm home alone! LOL at the leafblower, now why haven't I thought of that! At least it would rearrange the dustbunnies created by so much floating cattail! My mind has been awol too, I let it wander and it never returned. ;-)

    1. I can't let my mind wander. It is too young to be allowed out on its own.

  3. David, I like your answer about losing your mind. I think that's my problem, too. I never had it to begin with. :) All good answers! Have a good weekend. :D

    1. Thank you. That just seemed like an obvious answer for me. For some reason, it just screamed at me to answer it that way. Have a great weekend, too.

  4. Repairs are definitely never-ending. I found a $20 bill in a store parking lot once. I was quite young so it was a real coup! Heck, it still would be!

    1. That is true. If we were to find $20 today, we would be very happy. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. I am pretty choosy about TV. Bill likes news and cooking/food shows. I agree about houses and repairs: it is always something. We keep up with repairs. But, the upgrades are what kills us! Electrical, plumbing, etc.
    Thanks for being a part of Friendly Fill-Ins! Hugs!
    Annie at ~McGuffy's Reader~

    1. I used to think I had the electrical repairs all covered. I had two friends, one was an electrical engineer with AT&T. The other was an electronics technician with a major pipeline company. Both were highly certified in the field of electrical work.

      Suzanne and I were moving and they wanted to do something for us. I had one and only one electrical project. The only thing I had in their field that I needed to have done was to have a ceramic light fixture replaced in the walk-in closet. Now, this is about as basic an electrical project as I can find. Two wires attach to two screws. It does not matter which wire goes on which screw as long as each screw has one, and only one of the two wires attached to it and each wire only attached to one screw.

      I gave the two guys the fixture and told them it did not matter which of the two did it, since they were both qualified, so are most junior high kids who have had general science.

      I went on about the other things I needed to have done and I passed by the closet where both of them have gone to install the light fixture. Both had on work goggles and work belts with enough tools to make any lineman drool Bob the builder would have been in heaven.

      Shortly, I hear, Bzzzz! Pop! and see a flash of light followed by both guys saying together, "I thought you turned it off." So much for free professional help. I could have done this myself, but chose to give them something "productive" to do.


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