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Saturday, September 24, 2016

September 19 Somethin’ Challenge Day 24

Are you having fun strolling down memory lane?  It brings back a lot of memories, does it not?
Today’s question is:
Is there another song that makes you reminiscent of your teenage years?
Oh, there are so many.  The song Makin' It brings back memories.  Back when I was in school, I could hear this song and realize that all though things were not going exactly the way I planned, I was actually doing alright.

The song Oh Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble by Mac Davis was my theme song in high school during my senior year.  I had my hair styled for the first time and it was parted down the middle.  I had bought contacts and my mother gave me a silver chain.

This silver chain is why the song Dreadlock Holiday by 10cc meant a lot to me.

Then, when I was first in college, the song 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton  was popular and I heard it every morning while I was getting ready to go to school.

About this time, Playin' with the Queen of Hearts was popular and it was an ear worm a good bit.

Then, since I had to drive back home to Iva to see Suzanne, the song “Drivin’ My Life Away played while I was driving and I thought that it was very appropriate.  It reminds me of going to see Suzanne.

The song Everything Works if You Let it was also a part of my life back then because it would play when I was driving back from seeing Suzanne.  It reminded me that it was all going to work out.

And of course the song that start it all, Turn Your Radio On, by the Statesmen Quartet.

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  1. So many songs can bring back memories. Now I have 9-5 stuck in my head- thanks a lot :)


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