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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy Anniversary, Suzanne.

Will You Marry Me?
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the night I got down on one knee in the old-fashioned way and asked you to be my bride.

There, on the steps of Flat Rock Baptist Church, I knelt and asked you to be my wife.  And there, you spoke those words that echo in my heart, "I'll think about it."

Suzanne as a Beautiful Bride
Yes, I know that is what you were supposed to say. No girl is supposed to accept the proposal right away.  It just ain't fittin'.

It was on that same spot, the next night that you said, "Yes".  From that point on, we looked forward to our life together as husband and wife.  Then, 32 years ago today at 4:00 PM EST, we stood before Uncle Bobby and the rest of our family, and our friends and made it official.

Since that time, we have gone from newlyweds who were lost, but holding hands to empty-nesters.  Just us and the grand-dogger, as we proceed further on this journey.  

Suzanne and David In Car Leaving Church
We vowed that we would be together in sickness and in health.  We have had our share of sickness.  We have vowed to be together for better and for worse.  We have had our share of worse.  We vowed for richer and for poorer.  We have definitely seen poorer.  

Through it all, we have had each other, like two sparrows in a hurricane.  Thank you for thirty-two great years.  Here is to 64 more of them.  I love you, Suzanne. 

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