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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Product Review Combaterwing Wireless Gaming Mouse

All I can really say on the Combaterwing  mouse is, WOW!.  I am not a gamer but, my kids are.  Our Marine is into the RPG games.  Our youngest daughter is into games of all kinds.  She enjoys making let’s play videos.

The manufacturer sent us a coupon for a serious discount on this mouse.  We used our Amazon Rewards points on our Chase Visa Card to pay the small fee. 

To be honest, this mouse takes a little getting used to.  However, once one gets the feel for this mouse, especially in combination with the Combaterwing Gaming Mouse Pad, the results are awesome. 

The response of this mouse is great.  We have used other wireless mice that needed to
have their batteries replaced often.  Not so with this one, it can be recharged using the enclosed USB cable. 

The Combaterwing mouse combined with the gaming mousepad should take gaming to a whole new level. 

The style of the mouse is different than my standard wired mouse.  The buttons are very responsive.  The feel is different than your standard mouse.  Once you get used to the feel, it is much easier to use than your wired mouse.

The great thing is that the receiver for the mouse is tiny.  It plugs into the USB port and almost disappears. 

This is great when you have a cluttered desk like this old redneck does. No wires to tangle. No extra stuff to get in the way.  I don’t know what the actual rated range on this is but, I was able to use it at a great distance from the computer.  This should add lots of flexibility to your gaming.

If you are a serious gamer, I have found your mouse and mousepad combination. 

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  1. I never realized there was a mouse for gaming.

    1. Yes, it is really quite a sight to behold. Thanks for commenting.


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