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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesdays with Gindy Chicken Dinner

Disclaimer: Many of the stories are completely fictional.  Other stories are fictional accounts of true stories.  Other stories are completely true.  Sometimes the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

This is one of those true stories where the names have been changed to protect the innocent, and not so innocent.
There was a lady, we will call her Mrs. Fitzgerald, who recounted a story that happened to her when she was a little girl.

Mrs. Fitzgerald was very young when her family was invited to dine with the extended family for a Sunday dinner. 

When Mrs. Fitzgerald and her family arrived at the Bird house, she could smell the chicken cooking.  

It made her mouth water and her tummy gurgle.  Mrs. Fitzgerald's branch of the family had fallen on hard times and a chicken dinner to them was practically unheard of.  Usually, it was a supper of beans and rice or, on many occasions, dinner was nothing.

The Bird family, although not well-to-do, was better off than Mrs. Fitzgerald and her branch of the family.  Mrs. Fitzgerald felt very thankful for the chicken dinner she was going to have that day.

While dinner was cooking, Mrs. Fitzgerald played in the yard with the cousins.  Soon, it was time to eat.

They all sat around the table with plates in front of them.  Mrs. Bird
served the meal.  Mrs. Fitzgerald got a plop of beans on her plate.  

Her cousin right beside her got a plop of beans and a large fried chicken leg.

Mrs. Fitzgerald looked around the table.  

Every one of the Bird family had one or more pieces of chicken on their plate and Mrs. Fitzgerald’s side of the family each had some beans and cornbread, nothing else.

Mrs. Fitzgerald asked if she could have some chicken and was promptly sent away from the table and subsequently given a very harsh whipping.

Mrs. Fitzgerald came away from this family feast hungry, humiliated, sad, and confused.  Up until her final days, she could not understand why the Bird family had treated her side of the family that way and why she was treated so roughly by her side of the family.

This reminds me of another story I will call Steak and Hamburgers.  Read it in another post.

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