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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tithing Part 3. Why Is Our Preacher Always Talking About Money?

We have shared with you a little about the tithe.  One thing you will notice is that it is a very touchy subject at most churches.  If the preacher speaks of the tithe from the pulpit, few people will be appreciative of it.

Many people will come away from the sermon saying, “He is always on about money.”  Fortunately, How to Manage Your Monkey is NOT the storehouse and is NOT interested in getting you to contribute to us.

This means we can tell you like it is.  If a preacher is not telling you about the Biblical instructions to pay your tithe, you may remain unaware of the instructions given by the Bible.

God does not need your money to further His work, but many churches have to fold up because the members do not fully understand giving.

Let's take a look at our fictitious church, Flint Rock Baptist Church. Remember all the people mentioned are made up.  They do not actually resemble parts of any real church anywhere.

Let us say, for instance, that Flint Rock Baptist Church has 100 members.  Assume that the average family in the church is made up of a husband and wife along with their three kids. We have a total of 20 families in the church.

If each family is living right at the poverty level for a family of five, this is $28,440 per year, or $2,370 per month. We will assume that none of the families have any other income.  They do not receive SNAP (food stamps) or any other money. 

If the families were to pay tithe based upon their GROSS income ($2,370 per month), then each family would give $237 per month.  This would mean that the church would receive $4,740 dollars per month in which to pay its bills. 
Some families will make more than this; some will make less than this.  No matter what the size of the church or how much it receives in support from its members, it must be as frugal with its money as possible.

Even a very small church that watches its money very closely can easily have monthly budget requirements of $20,000.  This is one reason it is very important that each person do their fair share.  But that is not the main reason for the tithe.

God entrusts each family with a certain amount of income.  He wants each family to work together to be good stewards of the income He provides.

It is ALL God’s money. He just lets us manage it for a while so we can grow.

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