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Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to Manage Your Monkey: Changing Gears

So far, we have been mostly discussing the spiritual aspects
of Managing your Monkey.  We will
continue to emphasize the spiritual aspects of life, but add personal finance
to that. 

Let us start this section off with a word of prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for bringing us this far in life.  Help us to keep You in the forefront of our
lives and help us to honor You with all that we do in our lives.

Please help us to make the proper life decisions and to keep
You in our hearts and minds. Please help us in all that we do.

It is in Christ’s most holy and most precious name that we

We are turning now towards personal finance.  I will be suggesting several readings along
the way.  I know that Dave Ramsey is seen
as THE financial guru right now, but let us assume that we aren’t quite ready
for Ramsey.

One must learn to walk before one can fly.  First, I will set up a little scenario.
One morning, you wake up late for work because the clock did
not go off.  The clock did not go off
because the power company turned off the power because you are months behind on
your bill and the check you just sent them bounced.

You stumble into the shower and it dawns on you that you
will have to take a cold shower because
the water heater is electric. You turn
on the shower and there is no water.
There is no water because you did not have the money to pay the water

You put on deodorant very heavily.  You go to the kitchen and grab a Pop Tart on
your way out the door.  You make it to
the car and drive to work.  You notice
that the Low Fuel light is on and probably has been for a while.  You figure that since today is pay day you
will get gas after work. By then, your paycheck should have been deposited into
your account.  Your account is overdrawn
because you have tapped the overdraft protection on your account, again. 

You pull into the parking lot at work and notice several of
your fellow employees are standing around outside the building.  This is odd. You notice there is a large,
yellow X made out of police line tape.
There is a padlock on the door and a man in a federal marshal’s vest
standing beside the door.

You soon learn that the chief financial officer has
embezzled all the company’s money.  There
will be no direct deposit into your checking account.  You, and all your fellow workers, are flat

You sit in your car and try to figure out what you are going
to do.  You have already maxed out all
your credit cards.  You have payday loans
due.  You have rent, a car note,
utilities, and more, all past due.

You realize you are pretty sunk.  Right now, you can’t even afford a Total
Money Makeover.  You need a plan. 

Our goal is to take you from here, down in the trenches, all
the way up through Hard-Core Poor, through the Total Money Makeover, and up to
and beyond the Millionaire Next Door.

Here is where we start. If you have been
following this course, you have already organized your home and located all of
your financial forensic evidence.  You
are ready to get started setting up a budget. 

If you would like for me to pray for you, please drop me an e-mail by clicking prayer.

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