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Friday, April 28, 2017

Friendly Fill-Ins 21 April 2017

This is a fun meme co-hosted by McGuffy's Reader and 15 and Meowing. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!

Here are the fill-ins:

1. A book I would like to see made into a movie is Final Departure by Jeff Walton.

The author, Jeff Walton, sent us a copy to read so that we could write a review.  Final Departure is the story of a Christian who encounters an atheist in an airport. One of the things they discuss is Near Death Experiences (NDE).  

The book builds slowly towards a climax and once I got to the turning point in the book, this old redneck had tears in his eyes.  I think it would make a great movie.

Dog Company would make a great movie, too.

2. If I could afford a billboard, it would say wake up America before it is too late.

On this one, I am talking about euthanasia.  It appears that many states are on the verge of allowing euthanasia.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe a person should have the right to choose assisted suicide if they are in so much pain that they can’t stand it and death is imminent.  However, we have seen reports from countries like Denmark, where euthanasia is legal, where people are put to death against their will.  One woman was begging the doctors not to.

Let’s not go there.  

3. I have a hard time understanding what passes for modest these days..

We actually see women going to church in outfits that would have gotten them locked up for indecent exposure years ago   We live in a world where many women and young girls seem to believe that all there is to them is how they look and so, they try their best to  expose all they can.

We were actually going to a play at the local college (these are often free events.) when Suzanne saw a woman making sure her shirt was pulled down low enough to show all she could.  This is crazy.  It is bad enough for women to dress like this out in public anywhere, but in church!?!

Most holiness churches still believe in dressing modestly.  We have seen it (immodest dress) in the Catholic churches as well as the Baptist and others.  Two different ends of the fundamental spectrum.

4. I really enjoy making videos.

Suzanne and I like making them, even if some others don’t like them.
If the How to Manage Your Monkey series of videos and related blog posts reach even one person positively, I will count that as a complete success.  I pray that God will make the course a success but that HE is the only judge of what success is in this case.

During my first round of college, I majored in media arts.  All I wanted to do was be a sound engineer.  But, to get the degree at the university level, I had to take photography, film making, animation, script writing, and sound recording.  

This was taught from an arts frame of mind rather than a technical frame of mind.  I am a very technical person.  I see things from a technical point of view.  It is difficult for me to see things from an arts point of view.

Once, I had an assignment where I chose my subject to be an historic house in Columbia, South Carolina.  It was the Howe House.  Directly in front of the house was a four lane road.  The house was just a few feet from the road. In order to get the house in a picture, I had to take the picture from an odd angle.  

All the other guys in my class were of the art frame of mind.  That is, they did not understand the technical aspects so much as trying to read meaning into the picture.  

There were all sorts of comments on this that were just so totally off base.  When I was asked why I took the picture from the angle I did, I was honest and said, “I didn’t want to get hit by a bus.”  I got a AC on the project.  A for technical and C for artistic.

On a later project, I was supposed to take a black and white photo with people in the picture.  I was home for the weekend in Iva, South Carolina.  I was walking around town and happened upon Mr. Shirley, the owner of the local dime store.  He was sitting in an old cane bottom chair out in front of the dime store.  I took his picture.

Since the photo was in black and white and since the only paper I had had a slight sepia tone to it, and there was loose gravel in front of the store, it looked like an old picture on a dirt road from way back when.

I was running late, I printed the picture in the dark room and ran it through the dryer.  I was finishing up the mounting of the picture when I notice, oh no!

I had printed the negative backwards.  The words on the signs in the store window were backwards.  Too late to fix it, I presented the backwards photo to the class.

The professor looked at it and had the class critique it.  Everyone noticed it was printed backwards.  As it passed around the room, I can’t tell you all the oddball comments it got.  But, the last guy, who I always thought was way to critical of everything said, “I think David is trying to say that this is a step backward in time.”  He uses the backward images to show us it is a step back.”  I said, “That’s right, that is exactly what I was trying to say.”  I got an AA for the print.  All due to a mistake.

I have never had an original idea in my life and even that statement is not original.  But, sometimes mistakes work out.  To quote the A-Team, “I just love it when a plan comes together.”

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  1. I think that Final Departure would make a great movie.

  2. Thank you for your fill-in answers, they are always enjoyable. You would love my priest, rumor has it that he wouldn't give communion to a lady that was dressed inappropriately. He also complains about people that wear jeans to church. I think it is great you make videos, your family is lucky they will have them someday to remember you. The only video I have with my Dad is at my wedding and one of my niece's 4th birthday party. Have a nice weekend.

    1. Thank you. To the best of my knowledge, there was only one video ever made of my father. We recently converted it from a VHS tape to DVD and then to a digital format. I have it in an unlisted YouTube video so that hopefully our kids will watch it. So far 4 kids, 4 views. I don't know which of them have seen it.

  3. I read somewhere that that book may be made into a movie. So, watch for it!
    Growing up, I was raised Southern Baptist. I had several friends who were Pentecostal, as was my stepfather. Many friends were Catholic. Back then, modest meant something different than today. In our Catholic church, I have seen no immodesty or impropriety. However, I do not blame the churches. Each person is responsible for their own moral code. Just as parents cannot control what their grown children do. Trust me.
    I need to make videos of Bill playing his guitar!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. You are right, the church can only do so much. However, I do think it is the responsibility of the church for someone to point out to those who are professing to be Christian that their attire might not be appropriate. A holiness church will tell its members that they are out of line.

      You are right about the videos. We need to record what we can so that our descendants will have a clue of what we are about. Time passes way too fast. It is easy for us, the studio is about two steps from my chair. All we have to do is turn off the air conditioning so we can be heard. It gets to be 112 degrees in the studio in just a few minutes here. There is no such thing as winter in Gulf Coast Texas.

      Suzanne is in contact with Jeff Walton, the author of Final Departure. Maybe she can ask him to let us know when it will be made into a movie. Wouldn't it be cool if Sony Home Entertainment made it? They seem to do more family-friendly movies these days than most of the others.

  4. Replies
    1. Amen! It is too bad that the world today doesn't see that.

  5. glad you enjoy making videos so much --always nice to have a good hobby

    1. Thanks. I enjoy doing it and so far there have been over 11,000 views. Have a great weekend.


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