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Monday, April 10, 2017

Houston Eye Associates Service Review

Today, 30 March 2017 my wife had an appointment at HoustonEye Associates in Sugar Land, Texas.

All I can say is, “WOW!”  

My wife was very nervous because she has very sensitive eyes.  She is almost completely blind in one eye.  She is very concerned about the other eye.  So saying she was near panic would not be an exaggeration at all.

The front desk staff was very professional and courteous.  We left home early because it would be rush hour and there is a great deal of construction along the freeway.  We were not delayed as much as we had anticipated, so we arrived nearly an hour early.

No one at the office batted an eye at us being so early.  They just checked us in and got started on the paperwork. 

Before we got sat down good, Christopher called us back to conduct the initial evaluation.  It did not seem to matter that we had not had time to complete the new patient paperwork. He entered the information from the new patient paperwork and then proceeded to the evaluation.

Christopher was very calming and reassuring.  He bragged on the doctor and told us about the good hands we were in.

During the initial evaluation, Christopher dilated my wife’s eyes.  He then walked us back to the waiting room so that they could tend to other patients while her eyes were becoming dilated.

It was not long at all before we were asked back to an examination room.  Very shortly after that, Dr. Dhir (pronounced deer) entered the room.  Dr. Dhir is exactly the kind of doctor anyone would want.

He was very calming.  He did not laugh at our concerns over the possible surgery.  He took the time to describe in detail what was taking place in my wife’s condition.  He even used a model eye to illustrate his point.

He is not like many doctors who talk down to his patients.  Dr. Dhir treated us like friends and not like just another face in the crowd.

We recommend Houston Eye Associates whole-heartedly.  The staff is wonderful and caring.  They were very accommodating of our health concerns.  We think anyone will be happy with Houston Eye Associates.

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