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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesdays with Gindy. Fortune Teller.

Way back in the 1970s, fortune telling was all the rage.  In our county seat, there was a woman who promoted herself as a palm reader.  She called herself a palmist.  She had a sign with a large blue hand on it.

Under the hand on the sign was the name, “Mrs. Wilma”.  I never did know if Wilma was her first name, or her last.  Everyone just called her Mrs. Wilma. 

Mrs. Wilma was very famous and many of my adult friends were going to have their palms read. 

My friend Barney kept hearing about how accurate Mrs. Wilma’s palm readings were.  He did not believe in that sort of thing, but curiosity got the better of him.

He went in and got Mrs. Wilma to read his palm.  She told him things he knew and could
confirm on his own.  Finally, he told her that he was not impressed.  She told him that for just $10 more she would go into a trance and get the visions she saw to tell her very clearly what the future held for him.

Barney laughed because he could not believe he was shelling out another $10 on what he felt was a hoax.

Mrs. Wilma took the money and tucked it in her apron.  Then, she shut her eyes and began to mumble.

Barney thought she was really playing this thing for all it was worth.  Then, she started.

She said, “I see a little girl with brown hair and brown eyes.  She is about seven years old.  She is wearing a cute little yellow dress with a teddy bear embroidered on it.  I see she is holding a teddy bear named Brownie.

Barney sat straight up in his chair.  Mrs. Wilma had just described his little girl to a T.  Mrs. Wilma went on to say that the little girl’s name is Heather.

Now, Barney was really paying attention.  Mrs. Wilma said, “There is a calendar on the wall behind Heather with all the days leading up to today marked with a big red X.  Right beside Heather, I can see a clock clearly showing the time to be 5 PM. Barney recognized this calendar as being the one in Heather’s room.  She marks the day off just before she goes to bed each night.  There is a digital clock in Heather’s room as well.

Mrs. Wilma said, “Heather is crying. She just found out that her father died today.  If the calendar and the clock are correct it happened today just before five o’ clock.”

Barney got really worried.  He thought, "Mrs. Wilma was so accurate in her description of everything.  How could she not be correct about the impending death?"

Barney left Mrs. Wilma’s place and drove very carefully back to work.  He took his pulse and blood pressure,.  They were a little high, but stress can do that.

He jumped every time the phone rang.  He did not leave his office all day long.  At exactly 5:01 PM, he headed for home.  He drove home very carefully.  He stopped and looked both ways twice before pulling though any stop signs.

He drove well below the speed limit until he reached his house.  He pulled into the driveway carefully and breathed a sigh of relief. He said a little prayer before getting out of the car.  He walked slowly and carefully towards the front porch.  He greeted his wife with a kiss and told her how much he loved her.

Then he said to her, “You won’t believe what a stressful day I have had today.” 

She replied, “You don’t know the meaning of the word stressful.  The mailman dropped dead on the front porch this afternoon.”

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