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Friday, May 19, 2017

Book Review: The Bravest Guy

Before we begin, we first must explain our rating system.  Our blogs are Christian-based.  We are fundamentalist and charismatic Christians.  We believe that when the Bible says in Exodus 20:7 not to take the Lord’s name in vain, that means not to use it as a curse word.

We instruct authors and publicists not to send us their books if the Lord’s name is used in vain in the book.  This is specifically mentioned in our review policy.  Like it or not, if a book contains God’s name used in this way, we mark the book down to a complete zero when this happens even once in the book.  From that point, the book has to fight to make its way up to a one.

The Bravest Guy by Harry E. Wedewer uses God’s name in vain at least four times.  It is on pages 29, 49, 81, and 114.  This takes the rating down to a zero.  Let’s see what happens after that.

This book is NOT Christian friendly.  The author uses quite a few profane words throughout the book  There is no real reason for it when other words would do.

However, The Bravest Guy is a story that needs to be told. Other than the profanity, it is very well-written.  Mr. Wedewer, the author, is telling his father’s story in a way that no one else could.

We are given the family story of how they got here in the United States of America and how his family had left Germany because they were tired of the endless wars.  We see that, when it came time to serve in the military, this whole family answered the call in their own way.

The reader is given a glimpse of how really messed up our military health care system is and how it has been since at least World War II.   We even see where a man who has had both legs blown off, along with one eye and had the second eye damaged, is not even given a toothbrush when he asks for it.

The Bravest Guy is a book that one just can’t put down.  We actually read it in one afternoon.  It is very entertaining.  Mr. Wedewer paints a word picture in such a way as to have his readers sucked in.  We see how wonderful humanity can be and how terrible they can be as well.

Even with the Lord’s name used in vain, we feel compelled to give this book all five stars.  The book is that well-written and the story is one that needs to be told.

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  1. It is sad that movie stars are treated like kings and queens , yet those that protect us are treated so badly.


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