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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Book Review: Roadway to Prosperity

We were sent a copy of Roadway to Prosperity: A PracticalGuide to Wealth Accumulation by the publicist so that we could write a review.

This book is really more a collection of articles than your
more conventional book.  We mean that in
a good way.  One can pick any article within the book and read it as a stand-alone article.  One does not have to read previous articles to make sense of any one article.

The author, Al Jacobs, presents his readers a very readable, enjoyable book filled with great advice. Mr. Jacobs has learned many things in his eighty plus years of life and he shares some of that with those of us lucky
enough to read Roadway to Prosperity.

This book is very enjoyable.  In fact, it is very difficult to put down. Mr. Jacobs presents many ideas that we try to stress on our How to Manage Your Monkey blog. He stresses thrift, although maybe not as extremely as we do.

Mr. Jacobs is a wealthy man and, yet, he still talks about
bending down to pick up pennies.  We have observed people actually throwing nearly a dollar in change in a trash can because they did not want it. It is a different world we live in. 

One thing we were really glad to read was Mr. Jacobs take on
being financially compatible in marriage.  That is one thing we stress often.

On our scale of zero to five stars, we give Roadway to
Success all five stars.  Mr. Jacobs not only “gets it”, he has a great style of writing that makes it simple to understand and follow his logic.

If one is looking for sage financial advice, they will find it throughout Roadway to Prosperity.  The purchaser will find that this book is well worth many times what they paid to buy this book.  We highly recommend it.

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