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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Press Release: Final Departure

Acclaimed Novel About Life, Death, and What Comes After Offers Entertaining Yet Sobering Message – Heaven and Hell are Real, 
So Treat Them Accordingly or You’ll Have Eternity to Regret It

Jeff Walton’s newly published and award-winning novel Final Departure: Death Is Never on Time offers a no-nonsense multi-disciplinary survey of the evidence for and against the veracity of the Bible blended into a gripping drama about life, love, death, and beyond.

Set in the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, the story begins with retired NCIS Special Agent Dan Lucas being stranded overnight by an ice storm. Before long, Lucas is ensnarled in a contentious debate about God and the meaning of life with fellow traveler Ben Chernick, an atheist college professor.

As the two men discuss, spar, and bare their souls, readers enter the hidden world of NCIS counterintelligence and combating terrorism while being treated to a thoughtful exploration of some of life’s most profound questions: How did we get here? Is the Bible really true? What can near death experiences teach us? Does it matter how we treat others?

Both a statement and a challenge, Final Departure reveals how a skeptical, suspicious, and hardened counterspy evaluates the claims and determines the sobering truth about life, death, and the afterlife. It also reveals how a confirmed atheist undergoes the essential moment of true belief that forever alters his destiny, both here on Earth and in the afterlife to come.

Walton comments, “After five years of personal research into the topic of near-death experiences and their application to the age-old question of whether the Bible is true, I felt compelled to write a story that encapsulates what I determined to be factually accurate information.”
Final Departure: Death is Never on Time was declared a Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner in the Religion Category by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) on April 7, 2017, in Portland, OR.

“This well-written think piece is an irresistible read…I particularly enjoyed (Walton's) ‘trust but verify’ approach…No hyperbole, no mystical diatribes, just a very robust sparring match between two highly intellectual individuals on opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum…I actually purchased two books and gave one to a ‘Bible toting’ friend and the other is in route to my favorite atheist. It may or may not convert your thinking, but it sure will give you plenty of ammunition for your next intellectual firefight on this topic.” ~ Ric P., Chief of Operations, CIA Counterterrorist Center (Retired)

AUTHOR: Jeff Walton is a U.S. Navy Vietnam veteran and retired U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) special agent who spent over thirty-four years in law enforcement and national security work. His career assignments ranged from felony criminal investigations to counterintelligence and combating terrorism operations and investigations in the United States, the Far East, and Europe. He and his wife life in Florida.

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