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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

How To Manage Your Monkey: Book Review: Knights In Training

FTC Required Notice:  We were sent a copy of Knights In Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys written by Heather Haupt for the purpose of writing this review.  There was no cost or obligation attached to receiving this review copy.

Knights In Training is a very interesting read.  It takes a novel approach to raising little young men in this politically correct world.

Boys in public school are told to sit in their desks, not talk, sit still, and pay attention.  The problem is that little boys just aren’t wired this way.

If a young boy uses his fingers to make a gun at school, parents will be called, counselors will be involved, and cooler heads will not prevail.

In Knights in Training, Heather Haupt has a different approach to raising little boys. Instead of trying to make little boys into something they are not, she suggests channeling this raw energy into a unique way to teach little boys the appropriate time and place for weapons and rough housing.

In short, Knights in Training turns a problem into a very creative way to raise well-behaved little men.

This book is very well-written, very well-researched and thought out.  The author actually used this approach with her three young men.  And, it worked. We give Knights in Training all five stars on our scale of zero to five stars.

If you have young boys, you may well want to read Knights in Training.  It is a great way to turn all that pent up energy into good behavior.

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  1. Sounds like a good book. When my friend's grandson was in Kindergarten in NYC, he pointed at someone ( didn't even make a finger gun) and got expelled.

    1. I don't think that would happen here in Texas. But, you never know. Here in Texas almost everyone has a gun. Kids learn to shoot at early ages. I think I was in kindergarten back in Georgia when I shot my first gun. It is different up north. Thanks for stopping by,


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