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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to Manage Your Monkey:Book Review The Big Deal of Taking Small Steps to Move Closer to God

Federal Trade Commission Required Notice:  We were sent a complimentary copy of The Big Deal of Taking Small Steps to Move Closer to God written by  Vashti Murphy McKenzie for the purpose of writing a review. This will not affect this review at all. In the words of our favorite U. S. History teacher, Anna Dean Pennington, “Eyes calls ‘em likes eyes sees ‘em.” We call them like we see them, too.

We are disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

The book The Big Deal of Taking Small Steps to Move Closer to God is intended to help Christians to start where they are in their lives and realize that they don’t have to climb Mount Everest at the start of their walk with God, they just have to start.  They can start small.

This book is filled with different anecdotes that help underscore the author’s point in a way that makes it all make sense.  

There is one anecdote the author shares about when she was practicing for the high jump back in high school.  The assistant coach set the bar higher for her than for the other students.  This assistant coach singled her out for a higher bar.  It was completely within her father’s power to change things; he was the head coach at the school.  But, he didn’t.

As it turns out, her father knew what was best by not intervening. Setting the bar higher made her a better jumper and helped her win, where the other students did not.

Isn’t this a lot like our Heavenly Father? Perhaps He could remove the trials from our lives.  But He does not because He knows it will be much better for us in the end.

This book is very-well written and a very engaging read.  We give it all five stars on our scale of zero to five stars.

One point the author, Vashti Murphy McKenzie, makes is that we could start out with 30 seconds of prayer and then seek to add just a little more each day.  Thirty seconds does not seem like much. If you watch our videos, you will see that the prayer at the beginning of the videos average about 30-45 seconds.  We know this because we have to time the animations to go along with the video.   

Hamlet’s part at the end takes about forty-five seconds to a minute on average.  A lot gets said in those few seconds.  This means that you could breath a quick word of prayer and say more than you think.

The Big Deal of Taking Small Steps to Move Closer to God would make a great book to share in a small church class.  It provides many ideas for additional worship, one step at a time.  You will want to buy several copies for your church.

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