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Monday, July 24, 2017

Bleu Paw's Dynamic Pet Product Launch to Make Picking Up Dog Poop a Breeze.

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The Versatile & Hygienic Bleu Paw Pet Product Will Put Fun into Collecting Pet Poop!

Today, Circle Products, Inc., the Miami-based consumer products innovator, has confirmed that the new Bleu Paw crowdfunding campaign will start a pet poop revolution on Kickstarter in, August 2017. With multiple applications, the cool gadget is the perfectly designed tool for dog owners who are sick and tired of using their hands to pick up poop after their pet. The innovative device also effortlessly collects pet hair with a smart sticky lint roller section.
Made from durable plastic, the Bleu Paw works with every type of plastic bag on the market. A bag simply slides on and sticks to the sticky roller and easily pulls off when the user is ready to remove it and discard of the contents. This makes the product a clever way to keep walkways and the environment clean as more cities clampdown on negligent owners and animal waste. It also provides relief by putting an end to walking with a poop bag in hand until reaching a garbage can as users can lock the bag in the claws of the tool.

"Bleu Paw was developed because I was tired of stepping in dog poop from owners who neglected to pick up after their pets near my home," explained, Vincent Smith, (CEO), Circle Products, Inc. "I figured, if I offered a better and less gross way to pick up poop - dog owners would love it. After all, it's never a pleasant experience picking up poop but our product makes it easier.”
Bleu Paw is set to transform a messy and disgusting task into a straightforward process for dog walkers, joggers and hikers with dogs, and parents with baby strollers and pets. The compact pooper scooper and high-quality lint roller readily clicks onto dog leashes, strollers, and pockets and is small enough to comfortably fit into backpacks.
Bleu Paw delivers a quick, easy, and sanitary way to pick up pet deposits while keeping your hands and device from ever touching dog poop. It works with kitty litter too. Our ingenious gadget also easily collects pet hair from sofas, clothing, and car seats via a lint roller section. With superior design features, the Bleu Paw's compact 12-inch length makes it perfectly convenient to keep at home and in the car. Overall, we make picking up dog poop a less icky experience while keeping your city clean. In August, a limited number of Bleu Paw devices will be available on Kickstarter for just $10.

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  1. I have never seen fun and dog poop in the same sentence before :)

    1. I'll take it you have never lived down South. Back in the day, it was "fun" to fill a bag with dog poop, put it on someone's front porch, set fire to it, ring the doorbell, and hide to watch the person come out and stomp out the fire. "Fun, Fun, Fun."


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