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Friday, July 21, 2017

Friendly Fill Ins 21 July 2017

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This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and McGuffy's Reader. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!


Here are the fill-ins:

1. My favorite thing on my daily to-do list is pray and read The Word.

We really don’t have a “to-do” list around here.  We get up, eat, read, and work on blogs.  We go outside from time to time to see the birds.  That is about it.  We just don’t do very much.

2. My least favorite thing on my daily to-do list is shop.

We really don’t have a daily to do list.  But about once or twice a month, we have to go out and shop.  From time to time, we will go visit our friend Anwar.  Other than that, we stay home, read, work on blogs, eat, watch the birds, write reviews; that is about all there is.

3. I could really do without drama.

Even though we live apart from many of our friends from long ago, social media has brought many of them back into our lives.  It seems there is always something going on.  We keep on keeping on.  

4. I would love to have more I don’t know.

I think we could all use more visitors, followers, and commenters.  The How to Manage Your Monkey blog has one follower and two comments.  But it does get views.  Our prayer is that God will make How to Manage Your Monkey successful with God being the sole judge of success.

Those of us with YouTube channels could use more subscribers and viewers. And, we could use more ad play.  That is more people letting the advertisements play.

I don’t know anyone who would not like to have more money. For some people money is a score card.  For others, money is the most fundamental of needs.  Once they have enough money to have the basic needs satisfied, money is not as important.

We have several prayer requests.  Please keep Maggie and Hazel in your prayers.  We would also like to ask several unspoken requests because the people asking for prayer did not give us permission to share more than that.  

My aunt and our friend will be traveling this weekend, as will my sister and her family, so please keep that in your prayers.  Also, we have extended family situations that need prayer.  Also, our church back home has lost several members recently through death.  Please pray for God to bless this little church on the lake.  

Please pray that if God is in How to Manage Your Monkey, He will let us know by taking care of the URL renewal and the PowerPoint renewal. We are kind of dead in the water until we get the PowerPoint back.  But, God is good and will take care of this, if He sees it as a part of His plan.  If not, He will lead us elsewhere.

Have a great weekend, y’all.

If you would like for me to pray for you, please drop me an e-mail by clicking prayer.

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Last year we rolled out How to Manage Your Monkey as a ministry.  We used what we had to get started.  We used a laptop computer we had from a doctoral program in business David was taking and a video camera from the same program. So, no investment needed.  We spent $10.81 on domain registration.

We intend this to be a ministry to help others draw closer to God and get their lives in order via improved prayer life, organization, budgeting, and other things.

Through the year, we have posted various guest posts, press releases, book reviews, and product reviews.  The idea being that these posts would help the reader get their life’s monkeys in order.  We only endorse products we feel are truly of value to the reader.  

The idea was that sales would support the ministry so we would not have to seek donations.  So far, there have been a few small sales. These sales have not been enough to trigger a payout from Amazon or any other affiliate program.  

As you may be aware, How to Manage Your Monkey was started almost a year ago.  It rolled out 3 October 2016.  We got the domain before we rolled it out. The domain expires soon and we need to re-register the domain for another year.  

The domain costs $9.99 per year plus tax of .82 for a total of $10.81.  We have a credit of $1.91 so we need $8.90 to renew the domain.

Also, recently the laptop computer we used to edit the videos and write the posts died.  It died dead.  Anyway, we are using another computer but, that computer does not have the program we need to edit the videos the way we have been doing.  We looked into various free options, and cannot find one that will work.

In order to stay inside the terms of service, we must get Office 360 Home and Business.  This is because, based on the terms of service, How to Manage Your Monkey is a commercial endeavour.  

The cost to purchase a one-shot download is $229 + 18.89 Tax, for a total of $247.89.

Therefore, we are seeking to raise $256.81 in a GoFundme drive.  We figure, if God is in this, He will provide. If we don’t raise the needed funds, maybe He has other plans.

Any donation will help.  As you may be aware, a portion of each donation goes to GoFundMe to support their work. To cover these fees, we are setting our goal at $300.

You can also donate via the PayPal Link in the sidebar of this blog OR by sending it to: celticmama36@gmail.com.

If you can help, great. If you can’t, we understand and appreciate the prayers.

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  1. I totally dislike going shopping, too! I wish that we could grow everything that we need and order anything that we can't grow online and never have to "go" shopping again. I love you, my Zing. :)

    1. I would love that. If we could stay out of stores, that would be good. I love you. Zing! Zing!

  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I don't like grocery shopping either. I hope you can raise the money you need, but I like your attitude and acceptance of God's plan. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you. I started How to Manage Your Monkey after what I felt like was a calling from God. If He is in this, it will happen. Have a great week.

    2. Thank you. If He has other plans, we pray He will reveal them soon. Have a great day.

  3. I agree with shopping being a least favourite chore. It is a simple truth that God's will be done. Acceptance of that is what faith is all about. Prayers for you & Suzanne, as always.

  4. The only way i ever liked shoping was before 6am at the 24-hr. store, with the babies safely tucked in bed and their father at home to take care of them if they woke before i came home. They are all night owls and never woke up that early unless forced to.


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