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Monday, July 24, 2017

Manian Debil Productions

Hello and welcome to Manian Debil Productions.  We named our business Manian Debil Productions after our sweet angel baby, Xerxes.  

He was one fast moving ball of fur, pretty much like the Tazmanian Devil you used to see on television.

Under the umbrella of Manian Debil Productions are our blogs:

We also have our YouTube Channel.

We have produced a line of T-shirts under the Manian Debil banner.  They are our Wilson the Squirrel and Taters Not Haters T-shirts.

We love flowers and you can’t have flowers without honey bees, right?  So, we added some Honey Bee shirts to the Manian Debil lineup.  A portion of the sale of these shirts will go the support the Xerces Society.  This is an organization pledged to help bees and other insects.

These honey bee themed T-shirts are: “Bee You, Honey”, “Stick Close to Your Honey”, and “Don’t Worry, Honey, Bee Happy”.  These T-shirts come in many sizes and colors.

We also have our three ebooks available in the Kindle format: Shattered, How to Pay Off Your Debt, and Is Homeschooling Right For You?.

Of course, we get royalties from the sale of any of these items.


You may be aware that if you click on any of our Amazon links and make any purchase during that session, we get a small commission.

Are you in need of an energy boost?  Has the effects of menopause started to drag you down?  If so, you may find some remedies in our Plexus store.  There are all sorts of healthy products available there.

And, finally we want to share with you that our How To Manage Your Monkey Course is in need of a new version of PowerPoint so that we can continue to edit the videos.  We hope to introduce a line of podcasts soon as well, thanks to a suggestion from our friend Al Zdneck.  

We have a GoFundMe fundraiser going right now to try to raise the money to renew the How To Manage Your Monkey URL and purchase a new version of MicroSoft Office 360 which contains PowerPoint.  So, our Monkey is asking you to Please Help Save Our Bacon.  Our hats are off to you, Teddy.  Please give if you can and don’t feel badly if you cannot.

Thank you for visiting.  Have a great day.

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  1. That was sweet of you to name the company after Xerxes.

    1. Thank you. He was a wonderful kitty. And he tried so hard to hold a pencil in his hands, like he had something he really wanted to write.


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