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Thursday, August 10, 2017

How to Manage your Monkey

Many people start with eBay by selling an unwanted item or two.  Soon, they are scouring the local thrift stores, second hand shops, and yard sales searching for items to sell on eBay.  There are countless books available on how to sell on eBay.

We are sure you have heard all the success stories of people paying a dollar or two at a yard sale and then selling the same item on eBay for considerably more.

Sellers pay a small fee for each item listed.  The seller sets the minimum bid.  The seller sets how long they want the auction to run. Bidders bid just like in a regular auction. The highest bid gets it.  Sellers can also set a buy now price for the item.  A person who does not want to lose a particular item to a higher bidder can then choose to pay the asking price for the item and the auction ends.

When it sells, if it sells, the seller will also pay a small commission on the sale.

Once you receive payment for the item you sold, you must ship it to the buyer right away.  Remember to charge enough for shipping so that you cover your total shipping cost.

Some people make a good living using eBay and/or selling local using Craigslist and other similar services.  Be careful with meeting anyone face-to-face or giving anyone on the internet your address.  It works well for some.

This information is based upon our last experiences with eBayboth buying and attempting to sell.  The service may have changed since that time so this information may not be accurate or up to date. 

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