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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mentalligence: A New Psychology of Thinking--Learn What It Takes to be More Agile, Mindful, and Connected in Today's World by Kristen Lee ISBN: 978-0-75738057-6

Mentalligence had stopped at page 150, it would have rated all five stars. Up to that point, we were thinking that the book expressed all that is wrong with the world of psychology and all the other sciences that deal with how we act and interact with others around us.

However, when the author takes us into Part 3, we are hit with a completely different feeling.  It is almost as if there were two different authors writing the book.

In part 3, the author begins to speak with a different tone and seems to have a very liberal agenda. We understand that the author questions the religion she was brought up on, most academics do.  However, she seems bent to speak out on all religions and most philosophies that don’t fit into the mold she has set in her studies of Mentalligence.

After a while, she does seem to climb down off her anti-religion soap box and get back to science.  However, she does revisit this from time-to-time, just in case we readers missed it.

Three Star Review

Overall, we give Mentalligence three stars.  The book would have done great without the philosophical attack on just about every belief system out there.  The author is entitled to her opinion. However, like many college professors out there, she doesn’t seem to be satisfied with simply stating her disregard of religion.  The feel is that the author speaks tolerance of every mindset out there provided it doesn’t involve religion, straight, or pro-life thought. The reader is left to ask, “Is there really something wrong with me because I believe in a supernatural Being, am attracted to the opposite sex, and/or am pro-life?

The world we live in now seems to preach tolerance for everything and everyone provided they think as we do and act as we do.  The author has a problem with that when it was preached to her as a youth, but does not seem to realize she is doing the same thing, only in the opposite direction.

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