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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

#Amazon @Amazon Cuss-tomer service

To Whom It May Concern:

Our family shops with Amazon very often.  We have been Prime members for years. We bought a second generation Kindle as well as two Kindle Fire phones.

When Amazon is good, it is outstanding.  When it is bad, it is terrible. When we try to reach CUSStomer service, we are given the option to click on a link to take us to CUSStomer service.  However, this can be a continuous loop when none of the options fit our problem.

Not too long ago, we were having problems with our newest Kindle.  We thought, “No problem, we bought the insurance.” Well, it is a problem.  You see, although your offshore Kindle Support people speak good English with little accent, they do not really understand it. We have had several Kindles and this is not our first rodeo.

For a while the Kindle in question had problems where it would lock up and do nothing.  Heaven forbid this Kindle should go back to its start screen. If it did, the Kindle had to be rebooted at least twice in order to get into our books.  Did I tell you we have over 53,000 books in our Kindle library?

We rebooted the Kindle several times. We de-registered and re-registered the Kindle several times.  We performed multiple factory resets. Finally, I restarted the Kindle with a hard restart as your guys call it.  The message came up saying to contact Kindle Support via a certain url. This threw me into a continuous loop.

They say the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same exact thing over and over and expecting a different outcome each time.  I kept trying to find how to get in touch with Amazon. It would seem that a good form of torture would be to try to contact an Amazon CUSStomer service rep.

Finally, I was able to locate a button that said I could contact Kindle Support via telephone.  I filled in the field and my phone rang.

Well, on the other end was a guy from India.  No problem. I have a lot of friends from that area.  The real problem is communication. There are some things in English that are difficult for other cultures to understand.  I tried to explain what I had already done. However, we had to go through all that again.

Finally, your guy decides we need to replace the Kindle. Okay, great.  All I need to do is box up the kindle and HOPE I can find a UPS dude to pick up my unit.  The problem with this is that in our town there is one place you can take UPS returns and they charge the customer to leave a package.  I am not paying you to take your stuff back. Please fix this where I can put the return in the mailbox rather than hunt down a UPS guy.

Not too long ago, we ordered a USB thumbdrive.  The package arrived empty. There is no way to tell you the package arrived empty since it is impossible to send you an “OTHER” response on your order feedback portal.  So, we had to print out a label, find a box, and mail you back an empty package to show you it arrived empty. How dumb is that?

A few years back we ordered a Kindle Fire.  It worked well, for a while. Then it got to where it would not load the books.  We bought the Kindle Fire because I read a lot of business books that have color charts.  The Fire is good for that. The basic Kindle is not so good with color charts and graphs.

When it got to where it would not load the books, you guys decided to replace it with a refurbished unit.  The refurbished unit did not work from the minute it arrived.  Amazon would not replace it since I had just received a replacement AND, in the meantime, my warranty had expired.  Now, I have a nice looking Kindle in a great looking case that gathers dust but doesn’t do anything else.

In my world, a replacement should be with one that is actually new.  It should not be replaced with one that has been previously broken.

This is now the second time I have received refurbished Kindles to replace my broken Kindle.  This new one isn’t working much better than the one I sent back. If I leave the new one idle for a while, I have to reboot it to get it to open up.

I understand that Walmart is trying to be the next Amazon and Amazon is trying to be the next Walmart.  You both are tied for the terrible customer service award. At least at Walmart I can go in to the store and talk with a manager when something goes wrong.

The problem with that is that most Walmart employees don’t care and so trying to work out a problem is futile.

IF Amazon ever gets the kinks worked out of CUSStomer service AND can get groceries to a price where I could afford them, I would shop exclusively with Amazon.  At least then I can get bad service at home instead of having to go hunt a parking space to get bad service.

Of course, you will have to find a way to take SNAP (Food Stamps) online.  

By the way, your “Add on” program is terrible.  There are some things we need to order that are only available via this add on program.  The problem is, I don’t want to wait on something until I get $25 in Fulfilled by Amazon orders.  This would make sense if you actually sent them in the same package, but you don’t. What sense does it make to have me wait to order until I order $25 and then ship it separately anyway?  We pay for Prime BECAUSE we don’t want to wait to order $25 to get free shipping.

Prime is worth $99+tax.  However, this add on program diminishes the reason we use Prime.

To sum it all up, I feel like Amazon owes us a new Kindle Fire as well as as a new 8th Generation Kindle.  I do not want someone else’s problem. I did not pay for a used Kindle. We paid an extra 11.99+ tax for protection.   I am not happy with these replacement Kindles and they are not providing me the service I paid for.

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