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Friday, July 27, 2018

Friendly Felines 27 July 2018

This is a fun meme co-hosted by 15 and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs. Be sure to visit and join in the fun!

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Here are the fill-ins:

1. I deserve a gold star for sleeping today.

Because of my foot, all I do is eat, sleep, and read.  So, I guess I get the gold star for sleeping. I could sleep through a hurricane, and have.   Back when Hurricane Ike visited, I slept through it. Suzanne did, too.

When Suz was about 18 months pregnant with our first daughter, the oak tree in our backyard caught on fire.

I was working for the newspaper and getting maybe three hours sleep per night.  When she came and told me, I told her I would put it out in the morning. She fought that fire herself with a dishpan.

2. Right now, I am loving air conditioning.

Here in Texas we are in the triple digits.  We have had heat advisories and heat emergencies every day this week.  The car is not air conditioned. We need a new blower motor. That is over $500, which we ain’t got.

3. The best advice I’ve ever been given is really more of a saying than advice.

If we were to go with fatherly advice, right after our first son was born my father said, “Now you are responsible for two souls.”  When I was an early teenager, his advice could not be printed here.

The best advice I could give is

4. If I had to choose a new first name, it would be David.

I have never been accused of having an original thought.  When I was a baby, my great-grandpa called me Rusty. When I was a boy, jerks called me crazy legs and flood (because I often had “high water” pants).  When I was 12, the coach nicknamed me Bird and that stuck well. In fact, many people who knew me back then thought my sho nuff name was Bird. Customers at the store called me Junior.

My mom had thought about naming me after my father.  She did not want me to be called Junior all my life. He was a Junior, but his father was deceased already, so she thought I would be Robert Bruce McClendon, Jr.  In reality, I should have been Robert Bruce McClendon, III.

But, even though she tried to avoid it, I was called Junior by about half the town.  The rest of the town called me Bird. Only a very small handful of people called me David.

My brother and I used to switch uniform shirts, which had our names on them, and Suzanne was the only one who noticed.  Even my mom did not notice.

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  1. I think David is a great name and I like your great-grandpa's nickname for you, too. I love you, my Zing. :)

    1. I think David works well. I think I will keep it. I love you, my Zing!

  2. It's pretty hot here, too, but not quite that hot.

    In the original form, your mother was right, you would have been III, not Junior. The way it used to work, there would be John Smith, and he would name his son John Smith Jr., who would name his son John Smith III. The original John Smith would not be called John Smith, Sr., during his life. The Senior designation would be used by his widow, because upon John Smith's death, his son dropped the Junior and simply became John Smith. John Smith III at that point moved up to John Smith, Jr.

    It doesn't work that way any more because people put the Sr., Jr., III, etc. as part of their legal signature. Technically, though, your mama was correct, your father would have moved up and dropped the Jr. and that would have been your designation. Your grandmother would have been Mrs. Robert Bruce McClendon, Sr., to differentiate her from your mother, her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Robert Bruce McClendon.

    As with most things the Victorians left us, it's weird and complicated.

    1. This raises an interesting question. My grandmother outlived her husband and her son. When my grandfather died, she would have been Mrs. Robert Bruce McClendon, Sr.

      What would she have been called when my father died? I would have dropped the Jr.

      Have a blessed week.

  3. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. That is too funny that your Mom didn't notice you changed shirts with your brother. I am glad you have a/c in the house at least, I feel bad for anyone without it. Have a nice weekend! PS: That is good advice.

    1. Thank you. My mom had a lot on her plate. She had to try to keep my father from buying stuff from salesmen that came in the store or over ordering stuff. Once he ordered half a tractor trailer load of light bulbs. Another time he ordered half a truckload of Mr. Coffee coffee filters. He was a terrific salesman but not too detail oriented.

      Have a blessed week.

  4. Thank you for joining in on the Friendly Fill-Ins! Getting decent rest is definitely gold star worthy in today's world. And I am a huge fan of your spot-on tip about "financial stupidity". You wouldn't think that would be so hard, but for most people, it sadly is. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. We run into that all the time. Texans call it "All hat and no cattle." South Carolinians call it, "Ten cent millionaires." Either way, if the only thing that defines a person is what they own, there is a problem. They need new friends or a different way to evaluate their self-worth.

      Have a blessed week.

  5. Our Female Human is having trouble sleeping too. She slipped at a picnic last weekend and broker her toe. MOL Humans need a little more agility and grace like us felines!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

  6. I wish I could sleep like that. I'm a very bad sleeper. I do love my a/c, although it's not nearly as hot here as it is by you. Have a great week!


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