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Monday, April 25, 2011

Truly Gross

When my oldest son was a baby I discovered something. It seems that it is a bad idea to feed a baby straight out of the baby food jar. 

I learned that each time the spoon goes into the baby's mouth a little saliva is left on the spoon and that saliva goes into the baby food jar. 

Once in the baby food jar that saliva starts to digest the food in the jar. If the baby does not eat all the food and you put that jar in the refrigerator, then when you take the jar out the food will be all watery and gunky. 

That food in the jar is partially digested food. In other words, the food in the jar is puke. Yummy! And you thought baby food tasted bad the first time around.

If we take this a step further, let's say that we are eating a big plate at Thanksgiving but we discover we just don't have enough room for all of it. 

So, we wrap our plate up in plastic wrap or aluminum foil and pop it in the fridge. There it sits with the plates of food that were left behind by our family and friends who were over for dinner. 

Later you pop in and look around inside the fridge to find your plate of puke amongst the other plates of puke left there by the others. Yum!

This made me think, you see people cooking and notice they are tasting the food as they cook it. 

This is not a bad idea. But, unless they get a clean utensil every time they taste the food what we have is cooked puke. Doesn't that sound appetizing? 

So, cook Bob is in the kitchen making stew. He is sweating and wiping his hands and forehead on his apron. Then he takes out his spoon and tastes the stew. 

To make sure the spoon is clean for the next time he wipes it on his apron. This is the same apron he wiped his sweat with. So now, we have a bowl of puke and sweat stew. Invite the whole family over, we are going to eat.

What really grosses me out is to go out to eat somewhere and see an employee in the bathroom. The employee will be wearing their apron into the stall with them. It will be dragging the floor. The person gets up off the toilet, wipes and then puts their apron back on. 

Hopefully the employee washes their hands before they return to work but as is often the case they don't. So, at best we have an apron that has been touched with hands that have just wiped their butt. At worst we have the same thing with the employee returning to work with unwashed hands.

Don't get me started on those employees who work in a restaurant and have a cold.  Once my family and I went through a drive thru and witnessed a cashier wiping her nose on her hand and then she reached down and wrapped our burger up and served it to us. We did not eat the burger. We did report it to the 800 number.

One time we were at a famous chicken place. The cashier was emptying the trash cans and sweeping the floors when we walked in. She did not wash her hands but went back to the kitchen to get our food. We walked out.

What gross encounters have you had like this?

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