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Monday, January 16, 2012

Soldier Tames a Lightning Storm

Soldier Tames a Lightning Storm

© 2005 David E. McClendon Sr

One night as Davey was sleeping it started to rain. It was a huge storm with very loud thunder and terribly bright lightning. The storm was so loud it woke Davey up. He sat up in bed and grabbed his stuffed lion, Leo. Leo also makes a great pillow by the way.

Davey says to Leo, "This storm really has me scared."

Leo says, "Don't worry, Davey, lightning is just a lot of electricity moving from cloud to cloud and from the clouds to the ground and sometimes from the ground to the clouds."

Davey says "Well, it sure makes a lot of noise."

Leo says to Soldier, "Hey, Soldier, are you awake?"

Soldier answers, "Yes, I am awake. A Soldier is always on duty."

Leo says, "Soldier, can you do anything about this lightning?"

Soldier answers, "It isn't likely that the lightning will hurt us if we stay in the house and don't touch anything electrical like televisions or telephones and if we don't touch any pipes or plumbing like the sink while it is lightening."

Davey says, "Well, I won't do any of those things but is there anything else you can do?"
Soldier says, I am always here to help you. So he goes outside and makes a great big fan out of newspapers.  He takes the fan and starts waving it back and forth. He waves it so hard it blows the storm away. It blows all the way out to sea.

While it is out over the ocean it rains out all the rain in it and gets smaller and smaller. It finally gets so small it disappears.

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