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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book Review: The One Minute Manager Gets Fit

As we all know, it is important to have balance in life. Stress does a number on the body and causes problems in the rest of our lives.

The One Minute Manager Gets Fit discusses the balance between work, exercise, and home life. All these things need to be tended to. This book addresses how fad dieting or jumping from diet to diet won’t work.

The whole One Minute Manager series is great because the books read like a short story and hold the reader’s interest. Everything is presented in a straightforward way with explanations of how and why things should be implemented in business and in life.

I think the biggest take-away one can get from this book is that the commitment is the most important thing in any diet and exercise program. It isn’t about carbs only or no carbs. It isn’t about starving yourself. It is all about being committed to making healthy lifestyle choices.

I checked this book out from the Wharton County Library http://www.whartonco.lib.tx.us  Support your local library.

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