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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Credit Memo

One thing I learned from my father about how to deal with people in business is that they won’t necessarily go out of their way to help you, but they will go trip all over themselves to prove they are right.

I had submitted a credit memo to Western Auto for credit months before and never saw where it appeared on our statement for credit. I called and asked about the credit and was told by the accounting people, “Don’t worry, if you submitted it, you got credit.”  I told my father this and he said, “Wait a few days, then call back. Tell them you did not get credit”. I did as he instructed and within a few minutes they called back and told me what day we received the credit and that it did not appear on the statement because of a glitch in the system, but they would be sending a follow-up statement.

My father was right. As long as they thought they had to prove they were in the right they would move heaven and earth to do so. If it were simply a matter of helping us, they did not care.

One has to ask himself, is it ethical to state that you did not get credit for something when you are not sure whether you did or you did not? I will have to leave that up to you. One more ethical way to approach this would be to say, “Our records indicate that we did not receive credit for this credit memo.” In so doing, you are stating the truth but, at the same time, leaving it up to the other party to correct the mistake if one has been made. You decide what is ethical.

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