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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chapter 7 Molly Grace Returns

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It was decided that Molly Grace should be looked over to determine her physical and mental well-
being. She was taken to a clinic in a town just outside of Houston. The doctors there determined that she was doing well and could return home. When she arrived, she asked Patsy what had become of the sick puppy. Patsy did not know.

Patsy asked Marlene if she could find out what had happened to the puppy. Marlene did a little checking and, shortly, Tim Hunnicutt arrived with a car to take Molly Grace and Patsy to see the puppy.

They drove to Doc Jones’ house. Molly Grace had a bad feeling about being there. Someone, no one knows who, had fixed the door. Someone had also been taking care of the puppy.

Molly Grace walked into the house and saw Lucky, Iron Mike and Judge Walker sitting around the kitchen table.

She heard a small bark in box in the corner of an adjacent room. She looked into the box and saw a very happy, healthy and playful puppy.

Iron Mike asked her what she was going to name the puppy. She said that she thought that she should name him “Doc” because Doc had tried to take care of the puppy. Doc had also risked his life to protect her from Robert. As she was leaning over the box playing with Doc, she felt a hand on her shoulder.

She turned and looked up into the sparking eyes of the real Doc. He still had some recovering to do, but he would eventually be fine.  Molly Grace gave Doc a hug and they sat down at the kitchen table for some cookies and milk and a lot of catching up.

I hope you enjoyed The World of Molly Grace.  Let me know what you think.

David E. McClendon Sr.

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