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Thursday, February 9, 2012

R. B., Carl and the Peppers

My Grandmother McClendon (Grandma Ruby) had some hot peppers that she was discarding. She threw them over the back fence at her house into a field. She warned her two sons, R. B. and Carl not to mess with the peppers. So being the obedient little boys they were they climbed over the fence and started playing with the peppers.

Soon the boys were burning up from the pepper oil on their skin. They went crying to their mother. She scolded them for playing with the  peppers and doctored them up from the pepper burns.
She let them go back outside to play with a warning not to go near the peppers. Since they had learned their lesson and wanted to be very well behaved and obedient children they climbed the fence and began playing with the peppers again.

Soon Grandma Ruby found them playing with the peppers and she yelled for them to stop. Shortly after that she heard crying and found that the boys had burned themselves with the pepper oil again. She doctored them up and then spanked them. She did not allow them to go out and play again that day. Did they learn their lesson? Probably not.

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