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Friday, February 24, 2012

You can't judge a book by its cover

One day, before we actually opened the Western Auto Store my father was at the store working when an eighteen wheel truck rolled in to make a deliver. My father and the truck driver were working hard to unload the truck.

A station wagon with no doors on it rolls into the as yet unpaved parking lot and a gentleman gets out dressed in a torn dirty shirt and torn jeans. The hood to this car is held down by rope and wires and most of the car is in pretty bad shape.

The man comes up to my father and starts to help him unload the truck.  They shoot the breeze a little as they are unloading the truck and when they finish my father reaches into his wallet to take out a little money to pay the man for his help.

The man tells him thank you but that he could buy the place if he wanted to. As it turns out this man owned a lot of land, a lot of houses and could in fact buy the store if he had wanted to. You never know by looking or even talking to a person how much or how little money they have. You have to treat each and every person the same.

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