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Monday, February 27, 2012

Your Bumper is in the Back Seat

Years ago my family and I went for a picnic at Hartwell Lake. We were traveling in my Aunt Gloria Mitchell’s Monte Carlo. We were on the Georgia side of the river when my auntattempted  to turn into the road to get to the state park. As she went to turn right the car behind her turned out to pass her. It hit her and tore off her bumper. The car kept going.

My father jumped out of the front passenger seat and began to chase the car that hit us on foot. The car pulled over onto the shoulder and he made them back up. The park rangers descended on us but since the impact had taken place on a state highway the Georgia Patrol had to be called. The closest trooper was in Taccoa.

After a long wait the trooper arrived and wrote up the accident. We went on the picnic.
My aunt was afraid that her husband, Franklin, would be mad at her so she asked my father to call him.

I still remember the exact words of the call.  “Hello Franklin.  Nobody was hurt and your bumper is in the back seat.” Franklin and my father talked for awhile and then he put Gloria on the phone. Everything was okay.

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