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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Dear Friends,

I know it has been awhile since I have posted to any of my blogs. That is because since 1 November I have been incarcerated. Well, not really but it sure feels that way. I have been, and still am, in the hopsital since then. More on that in a moment.


Please pray for Suzanne and her family. This past Sunday her father, Jimmy Ray Gunter, left this earthly life and went to live with Jesus. This is particularly sad at this time of year. He just had his 71st birthday.


Please keep Suzanne in your prayers. She is the only thing holding us together and everything keeps raining down on her. If it weren’t for Suzanne, I would have died on or about 01 November 2012.


The Sunday night before the 1st I went home and was vomiting. I went to bed and did not stir until Monday morning when I woke up and tried to call the doctor’s office. I got no answer. I called again on Tuesday and was only allowed to speak to the scheduling department. No one would transfer me to the doctor’s office. I got an appointment for that Thursday even though I insisted that my toe was infected really badly and needed to be tended to right away.


Thursday we went to the appointment and were told my appointment wasn’t until November 8. Suzanne insisted they see me now. I was too sick to argue. Suzanne convinced them I needed to be seen. The doctor saw me.


My doctor took one look at the toe and told me that he couldn’t treat me. I would have to go the hospital. I was sent to Memorial Hermann in Sugar Land, Texas. They did a terrific job and helped me a lot, but there were some warts in their treatment that I will address in later posts.


Medicare will only pay for a certain number of days at a normal hospital so they sent me to an acute care hospital. The one I was sent to was Kindred in Sugar Land, Texas. I can’t brag enough on Kindred. Yes, there are some warts on that frog, too, but the level of care was great. I will expand on this in later posts.


Now, I am at The Crescent (a skilled nursing facility which is a nice way to say nursing home). There is a saying that something is all fur coat and no knickers. That quote would be appropriate here. For now, justify it to say that they do not understand the care and feeding of rednecks here. http://www.cantexcc.com/Crescent.php .


Basically, I am in a nursing home. Please pray that I can improve enough to go home very soon.



Warmest Regards in Christ


David E. McClendon Sr.

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