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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Does anyone out there remember Tid-Bits? I am talking about that great little snack that had little oblong crackers.

I remember back when I was a teenager how much I loved Tid-Bits. I still do, but I just don’t have access to them anymore. Suzanne and I have looked and we just can’t find Tid-Bits anymore. It seems that Tid Bits have been discontinued.

Tid-Bits were fun because, not only were they a snack, they were a form of recreation and entertainment. I wish I could find Tid-Bits now. I miss them.

On a related note, I have looked for Pillsbury Blueberry Turnovers. These little triangular pastries were easy to make and delicious. I used to make a batch of these in the morning and enjoy them with a cup of coffee. I remember one time making them for a couple of friends who were visiting me and one friend thought I had become a pastry chef because they were so good.

So many things we once enjoyed are now no longer available. I guess it is all a passing of time. Things change and we call it progress.  What about you? What things have changed in your life that you now miss?

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