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Monday, January 14, 2013

Theories X and Y

There are two theories of human behavior. These theories are important to understand from a management perspective.

Theory X states that all people are basically lazy and will do anything to avoid work. The general belief is that people will do as little work as possible and that basically they only work to avoid punishment.

Theory Y states that all people are basically industrious and are eager to work.
Some people feel that there is no basic human nature. Some people are self-motivated and therefore fall into the Theory Y category. You see these people all the time. They are the “Go to” people. Whenever something needs to be done, this is the person management turns to.  There are some people who naturally lean towards a Theory X mentality. These are the people who cheat on exams and do just enough work to get by.
You can find a more detailed explanation of these two theories at

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