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Saturday, January 26, 2013

They Are Stealing Your Plums

When I was living in the trailer at lot 42 Trinity Avenue in Spartanburg, South Carolina, I had some maintenance problems. Finally, my father decided to sell the trailer. I had to find a new place to live.

I went for a walk with Abby and we came upon a house for sale within walking distance of the trailer and still within walking distance of the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg where I attended.
My mother came up and we looked around at houses for rent and houses for sale. We never found one to her liking. I had fallen in love with the little house Abby and I had found.

We both loved the house. Abby fell in love with the beautiful yard and so did I. There was a fenced-in backyard and all sorts of trees. There were apple trees, dogwood trees, and two beautiful flowering plum trees. There was a Concord grape vine and a fig tree. There was room for a garden and it had the largest azalea bush in the State of South Carolina. In short, we had found the Garden of Eden.

Abby and I decided we loved the place and never set foot inside the house until the deal was made to buy the house. The yard was that big of a selling point, especially for Abby.

Well, we moved in and I enjoyed eating out of my yard. I had enough apples to eat all I wanted and give tons of them away. When the two flowering plum trees started to produce, there was more than I could handle. I constantly gave them away.

One day, two young boys came to my door and asked if they could have some of the plums. I told them to take all they wanted. So, they went outside and started gathering them up. These plums were really good. They were juicy and really sweet.

Shortly, I heard another knock at my door. There was an older lady and the two boys. The lady said, “I want you to know I caught these two boys stealing your plums,” I told her that they had asked for the plums and I told them they could have all they wanted. She got really mad and started to lecture me on how these boys would never learn not to steal if I allowed it.
I repeated to the woman, “The boys came and asked if they could have the plums. I told them they could have all they wanted. They are my plums to give to whomever I please. You may have all the plums you want. I have more than I need.” The woman walked off in a huff telling me about how I was ruining these two boys.

Abby didn’t seem to mind that the two boys got the plums. In fact, she didn’t say a word. But then again, she wouldn’t. Abby was my faithful dog.
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  1. Energy is flowing and moving around us all the time, if it were not so, we would not be alive. As a conscious, energetic being you have a unique way of interacting with energy, and your mind consciously controls your energy.


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